Kiev Political Analyst Urged Journalists Not to Be Accomplices of Criminal Power

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


The Ukrainian media shouldn’t align themselves with power that lies, steals, kills, and robs.

This appeal was voiced at a press conference in Kiev by the Director of the Agency for Social Communications Sergey Belashko, who asked journalists not to call the current Ukrainian regime “our power”.

“Whatever reality they face, they will anyway say that this is a triumphant “victory”, that the civilized world is with us, that the economy of the “petrol station” is torn to shreds under the weight of sanctions, and thus Putin’s regime has only three months left, and that the price of oil will be $10. Do not believe it – all of this is lies and propaganda. This is not our power — this is anti-national and anti-Ukrainian power, which lies, steals, kills, robs and so on. And every time you repeat the combination of words “our power” in relation to these scoundrels, you align yourself with them, strengthen them, and prolong the agony of this regime. Don’t be complicit!” urged the political analyst.

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