Kiev Prepared a Draft Law for the Transfer of Parishes of the Moscow Patriarchate to the New Schismatic “Church”

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Judging by the news presented below, the transition of the communities of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church [Moscow Patriarchate – ed] to the OCU on a voluntary and ideological basis is still scanty. Therefore it was decided to bring the “heavy artillery” in the form of draft law No. 4128.

The chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Andriy Parubiy hopes that in January the issue of transferring the parishes of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church [Moscow Patriarchate – ed] to the OCU will be legislatively settled. He stated this while communicating with journalists in Istanbul, reports the “112 Ukraine” TV channel.

“I spoke with many priests. Unfortunately, there are only legal points: how it has to take place, what votes will there be, what the quorum must be… In this regard I plan to propose, perhaps, during the next sessional week, that the draft law that is being prepared and is in the Verkhovna Rada … is submitted for the consideration of parliamentarians”

he noted

Parubiy emphasised that according to him, this document will very clearly stipulate the legal procedure for the transfer of the churches of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church [Moscow Patriarchate – ed] to the OCU.

“And I am convinced that this step, like receiving Tomos, will turn into a big wave, where all Ukrainians come to the Orthodox Church in Ukraine”

he added

At the same time, Parubiy specified that the special-purpose parliamentary committee already approved the relevant draft law and he hopes that the document will be put to the vote in the Rada in January.

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Constitution? No, I didn’t hear any mentions of it. Decommunisation took place in Ukraine, de-Russification is being carried out, now they want to start the de-Orthodoxisation of Ukraine.

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