Kiev Prepared Child Saboteurs for Donbass

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


The Ministry of State Security of the DPR conducted a special operation in the village of Yasinovataya. Six young saboteurs were arrested. The youngest is 14 years old. The oldest is 17. During a search in the homes of the teenagers, explosives and ammunition were found.

From transporters to demolition men

The boys during a few months were sabotaging the territory of the DPR. The trail stretched to the Ukrainian security services. They decided to involve the teenagers in the war who lived near the demarcation lines. Indeed, who in their right mind would suspect the youngsters, running to and fro through the checkpoints?

The first recruit was seventeen year old Bogdan Kovalchuk. The guy was doing odd jobs in unloading smuggled goods in Skotovataya, which are occupied by Ukrainian military. In May 2015, when Bogdan came to the attention of Igor Ritsko – in the past the second in command of the punisher “Aidar” battalion. And now an agent of the special services. He started to threaten the guy by saying he would alert the law to his involvement in smuggling. And in exchange for his silence he offered “cooperation”.



During a search in the homes of the teenagers, explosives and ammunition were found

The teenager was faced with a choice. But, apparently, he didn’t waste much time, and was already prone to crime. He made a bunch of friends from youngster acquaintances. All of them were from disadvantaged families. “Aidar” commander, at first, decided to test the group. He said that in Yasinovataya there are two merchants who owe him. They were assigned the task of exploding their cars. The boys were successful in this assignment, and received the reward of 5000 hryvnias.

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“Mommy, I’ll never do it again”

The pack passed the “test” and remained unpunished. Now, the teenagers had to commit acts of sabotage against civilian and military installations.

They hesitated. And then, Ritsko threatened them with not only the responsibility for what was already committed, but also with physical reprisal. It was a difficult choice. On the one hand – the basement of the SBU, and the other – easy money. Fear overcame them.


The Ministry of State Security of the DPR conducted a special operation in the village of Yasinovataya

What is awaiting the young terrorists is still unknown. Now all the detainees actively cooperate with the investigation. They snot and describe in detail how they were preparing and committing sabotage:


What is awaiting the young terrorists is still unknown

“From May 2015 to June 2016, the group of teenagers composed of Kovalchuk, Belavin, Pazushko, Khmelenko, Solodovnikov, Mironov, and Koval blew up the cars of civilians: military communication vehicle, Armored Personnel Carrier, the official car of Yasynuvata City Department of Internal Affairs, and other civil and military property, according to the statement of the DPR Ministry of State Security released on the official website of the department.”

“I was threatened with reprisal against my family and of me personally,” said Bogdan Kovalchuk. “I apologize to all the people I harmed…”


Ukrainian Special Services created a gang through blackmail and threats, which during the year conducted explosions

“Mommy, forgive me, please,” cries the young would-be saboteur, 14-year-old Vladislav Pazushko. “I was threatened. I was told they’d kill me and my family. I will never do it again…”

As a blueprint

This is the technology of German intelligence

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Alexander Bokyo

During the Great Patriotic war, near the German city of Kassel, there was a special school “Abwehrkommando 203”. Here, Russian children doomed to death in the camp “Tuningen” were taken to this school. They were treated to beer and driven to the movies. At school they were issued uniform, were taught to jump with a parachute, to navigate in the woods, to scream like a duck, and to put in the coal-cars of steam locomotives explosives disguised as coal.


Now all the detainees actively cooperate with the investigation. They snot and describe in detail how they were preparing and committing sabotage:

Here is the testimony of a prisoner of war Yury Yevtukhovich, who was preparing 13-14-year-old saboteurs: “The psychology of the teenagers is that he longed to travel, adventure, imitation, and during the war – join the military. We used their desire to have a weapon, to experience danger. And here are memories of “Abwehr servicemen 212” Mayger: “The front line has stabilized, planting agents there became more difficult… The solution was found by the group of Daxner, in their area there was a mental hospital. There they gathered the necessary material. 11 oligophrenic adolescents. For two weeks the instructors convince children that their mother will fly over Gatchina. In order to call them, you need to give a signal flare. The agents escorted the boys to the bridges, warehouses, and left them to wait for the air raid. All children died during the bombing.

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