Kiev Proposed to Impose International Sanctions on Moscow for “Violating the Rights of Indigenous Peoples of Russia”

On March 11th the head of the putsch Verkhovna Rada Foreign Affairs Committee Anna Gopko called to vote for the condemnation of the alleged pressure being put on indigenous people in the Russian Federation after the adoption by the Rada of the “language law”, since the Russian authorities have strengthened the political pressure being put on indigenous people on the territory of the Russian Federation. According to her, such a trend has been observed since 2014.

Since 2014 the Kremlin, along with the armed aggression on the territory of Ukraine, strengthened the political and assimilating pressure being put on the indigenous people of Russia. Especially concerning their position on the armed aggression of Russia against Ukraine and the annexation of Crimea

In her words, after the adoption of the “language law”, the Verkhovna Rada in this convocation must vote for the appeal of people’s deputies concerning the condemnation of violations of the rights of indigenous people on the territory of the Russian Federation.

I hope that in this convocation we will be able to fulfil the duty to all generations and adopt this draft law (the appeal of people’s deputies to the UN, the Parliamentary Assembly of the OSCE, NATO, and European Union about the condemnation of violations of the rights of indigenous people on the territory of the Russian Federation)

As a reminder, it was suggested to the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine to approve the draft of resolution No. 10125 on the appeal of parliament to the international community concerning new sanctions against the Russian Federation for violations of the rights of indigenous people in Russia. Earlier the Rada introduced draft resolution No. 10125 on the appeal of the Verkhovna Rada to the international community to condemn violations of the rights of indigenous peoples on the Russian Federation.

Thus, in December 2018 the Rada announced that the Ukrainian parliament can appeal to the international community concerning violations of the rights of indigenous people on Russia. This concerns alleged systematic violations of the rights of the people of the North Caucasus, the Idel-Urals, Siberia, and other regions of Russia.

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The Ukrainian historical researcher Miroslava Berdnik considers that one would be mistaken if one thinks that is an amateur performance.

She reminds that 60 years ago, on July 17th 1959, the US Congress adopted Public Law 86-90 Captive Nations Week Resolution – “The law of the US on the captive people, which approved a package of measures for the destruction of the “countries of the socialist bloc”, dismantlement of the USSR, and then also the dismantlement of Russia with the secession from it, in particular, of the “captive peoples of the Idel-Urals (Tatarstan, Bashkortostan), Cossackia (regions of former Cossack troops) and others (Siberia, Pomory of etc).


In the 60 years that passed from the moment of the adoption of the act, work in this direction was carried out in different forms, in all administrations, without stopping for a moment, and today, as is known, in the first two directions it was crowned with success. The “socialist bloc” doesn’t exist anymore, the USSR either. Thus, the next target is the Russian Federation. It was lobbied by Polish, Ukrainian, Hungarian, and Jewish diasporas.

According to it and the still acting current law (which was approved by both chambers of the US Congress and signed by president D. Eisenhower on July 17th 1959), the Russian people are categorised as “enslavers” that cause the “victims of communism” to suffer. Over 60 years US Presidents have given an annual message that urges to celebrate the third week of July as “Captive Nations Week”.

In 2005 the author-developer of the law Lev Dobriansky, who had biological hatred for Russia, was awarded the“Truman-Reagan Medal of Freedom”. Speaking at an awards ceremony, L. Dobriansky said:

Empires still exist and keep people enslaved. There are enough testimonies that Putin intends to support this line. What was earlier the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic, even now exerts pressure with its imperial aspirations

Welcoming “colour revolutions” in the post-Soviet space as “liberating”, L. Dobriansky urged Washington not to stop at what was reached, and to include the fight for the liberation and westernisation of the “captive people” in a context of the global fight against terrorism.

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Lev Dobriansky was a consistent Russophobe, Ukrainian nationalist, the first director of the Ukrainian Congress Committee, the initiator of the creation of more than 10 foundations and lobbyist groups, among which there is the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation (VCMF), which has numerous branches in the countries of Europe, Asia, Australia, and Latin America. This organisation is linked with the most odious globalist formations – Moon structures and neo-fascists. Sometimes the CIA is added to the list of contacts of VCMF, the international advisory board of VCMF mostly consists of former and current presidents of Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Hungary, Romania, Albania, and Poland (as representatives of the “captive people”), and from Russia – Vladimir Bukovsky and Elena Bonner. The presence in the council of one more ominous figure – the agent of several intelligence agencies Brian Crozier from Great Britain, who more than once appeared in the Western press in connection with operations “on changing regimes” in different parts of the planet – logically supplements the image of this organisation.

We will add one more detail to Lev Dobriansky’s biography. During World War II he served as an officer in the Office of Strategic Services (OSS) – a structure of deep cover that was the predecessor of the CIA. In 1998 the security classification was removed from the activity of the OSS. Even the directive of the US Congress ordering to make public, in particular, all cases of cooperation between OSS and Nazis against the Soviet Union was released. No sensational revelations followed, but some information about methods of carrying out psychological-diversionary warfare concerning, in particular, methods of communication, recruitment, and the organisation of agents, the destabilisation of the situation in this or that country with the help of “ethnic weapons” were published (OSS had separate developments in its work with Germans, Latin Americans, world Jewry, and ethnic minorities). Hence the characteristic issued to Lev Dobriansky by the previous head of the Ukrainian Congress Committee Michael Savkiv – an ardent lobbyist of the Orange Revolution (2004) in Ukraine: “He understood the need for an ethnic policy like nobody else”.

The family clans made by the natives from among the “captive people” is a noticeable and effectively active part of the anti-Russia lobby in America. Zbigniew Brzezinski and sons, Andrey Karatnitsky and his wife Nadya Dyuk, Anne Appelbaum and her husband, the former Minister of Defence of Poland Radek Sikorski, Elena Bonner and her daughter Tatiyana Yankelevich, the family of Kara-Murza – everyone who is allowed to approach service in the interests of the global elite organise cross their business everywhere and consolidate their “circle” with the help of wives, children, relatives, and brothers in faith. Concerning the “opponent”, these clans practice the split of elites.

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The “law of the US on captive people” had its predecessor – Adolf Aloizovich Hitler, whose practices the Americans scrupulously continued.

In 1944 he wrote in the “SS-Leitheft” magazine (No. 1, 1944) an article entitled “Cossacks: German traces in the East”, in which he said that the Cossacks living in Zaporozhye and on the Don are a product of mixing Nordic and Dinaric nationalities – i.e. almost Germanic – who were occupied in 1654 by Russia, and that war on the side of Germany is the call of German blood, which induced freedom-loving farmer-soldiers to make this step.

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