Kiev Ratified the Agreement With France on a €64 Million Loan for “Water Treatment in Mariupol”

The Verkhovna Rada ratified the agreement with France on a loan for financing the supply of drinking water in Mariupol. 258 People’s Deputies voted for draft law No. 0218.

According to the contract, France will grant the loan in a size that does not exceed €64 million for a term of 30 years. There is a grace period of 10 years.

The document defines the procedure of financing and the procedure of paying back the loan, including the interest rate for overdue payments and other essential terms of the contract.

“The implementation of the project stipulates the creation in Mariupol of a modern system of cleaning and disinfecting water for the purpose of providing the population and enterprises with quality drinking water in necessary volumes and also the modernisation of the existing centralised water supply/water disposal system for the reduction of losses of drinking water and the dumping of waste (sewer) waters into the environment. In addition, the project stipulates the creation, via the use of modern technologies, of reserve sources of water supply for the city in the event of emergency situations,” it is said in the explanatory note.

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