Kiev Regime Wants to Ignite Another War – a Religious One

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Now in Ukraine the authority of objectionable faiths will be appointed by state bodies. And this is only one aspect that is leading the country into an interfaith conflict…

After the “revolution of dignity”, the socio-political situation in Ukraine, to put it mildly, is not quiet. It doesn’t always go smooth between religious faiths. But, fortunately, nobody is being burnt on fires, because the experience of the House of Trade Unions in Odessa is still sobering. But this is only true at the current moment…

For how long this sobering effect can suffice is unknown. For even beasts and birds defend their home when someone is trying to take it away from them, not to mention the people. And the Church for the believer is the same as their house. We are talking about the discriminatory bill of Viktor Yelensky No. 4128 on “freedom of conscience and religious organizations”. Here it concerns the legalization of a special form of raiding.

In fact, Viktor Yelensky suggested that Ukraine, as a sovereign state, refuses their obligations in relation to the rights and freedoms of believers.

According to the bill, the membership of a person to a religious community can be determined through so-called self-identification. In other words, any person who appears from outside, if desired, can consider himself as a member of a particular parish to which he had no relationship with before, and vote for its transfer to another jurisdiction. According to this principle, dozens of churches of the UOC-MP were already captured by raiders. Now they are trying to approve the law and legalise this raiding in Ukraine.

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Bill No. 4128 was criticized by almost all Ukrainian faith, except the UOC-KP. The Bishop of Kharkov-Zaporizhia diocese of the Roman Catholic Church Stanislav Shyrokoradiuk spoke very lucidly and rightly on this occasion: “Concerning bill No. 4128 of Yelensky. Anarchy is being created. Here it is clearly written that everything is done in order to ensure that the Kiev Patriarchate is able to take the parishes of the Moscow Patriarchate for itself… And why not do it as it is done worldwide? Every religious community must be a legal entity. Such a law would protect the Church… Like this there is a legal entity that has a right to his property… And here they want to do as on Maidan. We will vote, and that’s all! This is not Christian. It is the same as raiding!.. Why create for the Church a cage with a special status?.. This is the humiliation of the Church… It’s immaturity. And this is presented by parliamentarians, how strange it could look – but these are people who need to think a little bit”.

The Roman Catholic Bishop is absolutely right, today a road-roller passed across a neighbour, tomorrow it will pass over you, and will “self-identity” you. And Ukrainian Muslims, back in June, addressed the speaker of the Verkhovna Rada Andriy Parubiy (logopedist with a certificate from the madhouse) with a request not to put the bill to a vote.

For example, in September 2016, in Kiev, in the conference hall of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, under the auspices of the inter-factional association “Deputy Association on Reformation Of Tax, Customs and Land Laws of Ukraine”  a roundtable was held on the theme: “legal regulation of the religious sphere in Ukraine: current problems and challenges”. On its results a resolution was adopted, in which, inter alia, it was stated:

“Not to support bill No. 4128, because it restricts the fundamental right to freedom of conscience and faith, creates conditions for discrimination of religious communities of Ukraine and the seizure of their property, and divides citizens of Ukraine on religious grounds; to prevent consideration of the bill, which could lead to conflict in the religious sphere and public life, and could have a negative impact on the international image of Ukraine”.

Bill No. 4128 was criticized by the participants of the meeting of the Ukrainian Council of Churches and religious organizations. It has been criticized at the International Institute of Human Rights in Eastern Europe.

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The meaning of the bill is simple. Any Ukrainian “patriot” can suddenly begin to identify themselves with any religion, while in reality they are not confessors of this faith. Afterwards they can begin to speak on behalf of the whole parish, for the transition to another religion and most importantly — for the transfer of property and religious buildings!

In conclusion, I would like to mention another “masterpiece” of their creativity — bill No. 4511 “On the special status of religious organizations”. So, now in Ukraine, the authority of objectionable faiths will be appointed by state bodies. Somehow it immediately reminds me of the indignant cries of the brainwashed – that in Soviet times, every “priest” was hiding under a KGB uniform. Does it seem like this to you?

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