Kiev Resident’s Crimea Trip Diary Makes Ukrainian “Patriots” Apoplectic

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Inhabitant of Kiev Oleg Ponomarev published a diary about his trip to Crimea, which refutes the thesis promoted by Ukrainian propaganda. The author admits that he was impressed by what he saw on the Peninsula and is now going to the LDPR [Lugansk Donetsk People’s Republics – ed].

“It is an indisputable fact that this is the third year that it is the subject of the Russian Federation, and it was the desire of the majority (!) of local residents. Ukraine in this situation resembles more an alcoholic husband, whose wife told him to **** off , and left with her belongings and children,” said Ponomarev on the Peninsula.

He reported that he went to Crimea on 19th-22nd July, having not been there for five years.

“It’s a pity that Ukraine, which considers Crimea as its own, uses Tatars in their games, when they are living perfectly fine with dual citizenship [Russian and Ukrainian – ed], benefiting from the two countries, but play along with the Ukrainian authorities and on command start to “moan”. Although, I’m talking more about the exception, rather than the rule.

It’s a pity for me that Ukraine cut off the light in kindergartens, hospitals, and maternity wards in its “own” Crimea… Such bestiality even Israel does not allow in relation to Gaza. Maybe Crimeans forgave Ukraine, but did not forget.

It’s a pity that instead of negotiating with Crimea, they use militant rhetoric and blackmail. Do you think the words “Bitch, come back, I love you, b****, I love you” will return your former “wife”? The people simply do not have the desire to go back!” recognizes the author.

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Ponomarev told interesting details about the trip. It turns out that exchanging the Russian ruble is already underway on the border with Crimea, in a territory today belonging to the Zaporozhye region of Ukraine.

“In Melitopol, locals exchangers and taxi drivers, who until Novoolekseevka were forming columns of buses and cars at the “Chongar” checkpoint, join the train and immediately exchange hryvnia for rubles. For 380 Ukrainian hryvnia you will receive 1000 Russian rubles. For all purchases in Melitopol on the platform you can buy food, beer, fruit, etc. calculated in hryvnia and in rubles. And it is on the territory of Ukraine!” according to the author.


On the Ukrainian side of the border with Crimea, facing the Peninsula, there are billboards with the inscription “welcome to free Ukraine”, and next to them the roadsides are littered with debris.



After passing the border, people go across a bridge.

“To the right of the bridge there is another railway bridge. But Ukrainian patriots blew it up and now instead of routes to Crimea there are gaping concrete skeletons. It is noteworthy that in the direction of Crimea there are lots of cars with Ukrainian numbers,” says Ponomarev. Having reached Dzhankoy, I went to the store “PUD”, the former Ukrainian ATB [Ukrainian supermarket chain – ed].

“All the talk of famine in Crimea is blatant bull**** Ukrainian propaganda. Products are in bulk, some of them quite expensive. But where’s cheap now? Or maybe in Ukraine all are troughing black caviar with spoons?” he answered.



In Simferopol, the guest from Ukraine discovered that, in contrast to Kiev, the fences here are not painted in the colors of the national flag. “Despite the great efforts to persuade Ukrainians that there is a raging cult of the Kremlin in Crimea, I have seen very few Russian flags, they are mainly on state institutions. It is equally as difficult to purchase a tricolor flag with Putin, you need still need to search. It is sold, but in very small amounts. Because here people don’t paint everything that is under their arm, as it is done in Ukraine. Maybe people are much more discreet here?” says Ponomarev.

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Later the traveler went to Yalta.

Yalta has never been a cheap city, but now it’s just insane. For example, a simple drink, (2 glasses of 100ml 12-year-old “Balantines” and two bottles of Pepsi costs on the promenade 7,000 rubles (2,730 UAH). Dinner is easier – with fish and white wine — 1500 rubles (585 UAH.),” he reports about the prices. “Most vacationers are Russians. But there is enough Ukrainians in Yalta. I tried to ask local residents how they live without Ukraine, and in response I heard:

“And how are you? We have so much pity for you…”

“You would say it’s surprising to hear this?”

Crimea remember the blackouts introduced by “brotherly” Ukraine, maybe they forgave, but they didn’t forget it. Here in Crimea, people remember and love people from Kiev, Kharkov, and all Ukrainians. But they will be tolerant only in condition if you’re will not try to “harass” people with your stupid patriotic slogans and spoil the rest of the vacationers. Ukraine is THERE, but HERE, in Crimea, it is Russia. And the fact that you are already just a host, you will be easily reminded. There are Ukrainian patriots in Crimea. There who hate the Russian government. But they are a minority, and the completely “brainwashed” are just not visible,” said Ponomarev.

“Sofiya Mykhaylivna Rotaru [Ukrainian singer – ed] considers Crimea to be Russian too. She has a boutique hotel “Villa Sofia” on the waterfront,” he said.


“And finally, let’s walk in the evening, practically flooded with the lights of Yalta. The city doesn’t sleep until 4 am, walking, enjoying, resting, and thank God that “the Revolution of a dignity” didn’t come here,” summarizes the author.

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Ponomarev on his Facebook page some time later announced that his diaries from Crimea caused a heated discussion, accusations of fraud, and even accusations of photoshopping images.

“In Crimea I went at my own expense, under my own will, and didn’t fulfil anyone’s orders. Moreover, I remained in the red. But it was worth it – never believe what you cannot see or verify personally. Therefore, in the near future I intend to visit Donetsk and Lugansk, and to see life in the LDPR with my own eyes!” he said.

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