Kiev Residents Indignant at Fireworks Display Near Rada, Thought It Was LDPR Tanks

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Artillery fire on the occasion of the parliamentary hearings, dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the Babi Yar tragedy in the heart of the government quarter frightened the residents of Kiev, the correspondent of “Ostrov” reported.

Many residents of the capital having heard at 15:36 a series of shots near the Parliament in Maryinsky Park, panicked, mistaking them for the beginning of hostilities.

“Our windows were shaking like in Donetsk. Is it true that they come here in tanks?” said a resident from from Kiev, who at the time of the shooting was on Grushevsky street.

The park, from where the shooting was heard, was cordoned off by the military. To the question of women walking down the street about what’s going on, they replied, “It’s fireworks”.

Residents, who counted about 10 shots, expressed their discontent.

“Are they completely out of their mind? There are mothers walking here with  their children. To bring guns and shoot them  near the Rada – it is too much,” they said.

It would have been good if the state of ignorance about it being actual war instead of fireworks was prolonged. Maybe during this time they would really imagine what it is like for the mothers who are walking with their children in the parks of Donetsk, where real shells are launched by Kiev.

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