Kiev Revealed Its Own Plans: “Today Fighters Will Resume the Shelling of Krasnogorovka”

Translated by Ollie Richardson


The Kiev occupiers actually revealed their plans, stating that “fighters plan to repeat the shelling of Krasnogorovka today, after 14:00”.

This was reported by the deputy head of the National Police of Ukraine, the chief of the occupational police of Donbass Vyacheslav Abroskin.

“The police has information that fighters plan to repeat the shelling after 13:00-14:00 hours. The purpose is to intimidate the local population, and to destabilize the situation in the city,” he stated.

According to him, units of police from Volnovakha and Velikoy Novosolka were simultaneously sent to Krasnogovorvka.

As a reminder, on May 28th the city of Krasnogorovka in the part of the DPR occupied by Ukraine was shelled, and thus civilians were wounded.

As “Russian Spring” reported, the operative command of the People’s militia of the DPR disproved the accusation of being behind the shelling, having stated the beginning of an investigation into this incident.

Probably, Abroskin’s statement is some kind of information preparation for subsequent provocations.

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