Kiev Tries to Recruit Polish Football Fans for Provocations During the Russian World Cup

By Lew

On the Internet an appeal to Polish fans was posted, the translation of the appeal is given in the original format without any corrections.

My name is Mateusz. I am a Pole and I want to tell my story to warn all my compatriots, football fans. For a long time I could not decide on this step, although I understood that it had to be done a long time ago.

I have a friend in Ukraine, he is a football fan from Kharkov. He worked for my family at the company when he went to Poland to work for us. We are very close because of the fact that we both really love football, we spent a lot of time together watching the Champions League and the campaigns for the matches of “Extraklas” (Polish Football Championship).

After a while my friend returned to his homeland and somewhere in the next year he contacted me and invited me to Kharkov. He wanted to show me his city, show the stadium of his team “Metalist”, about which he told me so many times. Then there was a qualifying round for the World Championship in Kharkov – teams of Ukraine and Turkey played. I was given a ticket for a match in the fan sector, where basically there were Kharkov and Kiev ultras. My friend was a member of the serious Kharkov fan organisation “Kharkov City Patriots” and, as I understood that day, their task was to find and beat up the maximum number of Turks. The first scuffles began already on the way to the stands, then right after the Turks sang their anthem  a half-naked black girl with yellow-blue flowers in her hair and the inscription on her chest “Erdogan is a murderer” ran out onto the field. She was immediately taken away by the stewards and brought to the stands, where she then calmly stood wrapped in the flag of Ukraine and sang a hymn. I only realised later that it was a planned action in order to get to the Turkish fans…

To tell the truth, I felt very uncomfortable when all these banner flags were unfurled and in general all their football movement was incredibly politicised … I did not think that the Ukrainian fans idealised Bandera and Shukhevych so much. For myself, I realised that arguing with them on this account is completely useless – for them he is a hero, and we are occupiers…

Then Ukraine won 2:0 and at the exit of the stadium Ukrainian ultras began to throw bottles at the buses of Turkish fans, waiting for and catching small groups on the approach to the parking lot. Honestly, I do not think this is right. It was not an honest football fight – it was just a beating. As a result, we were taken to the police and taken somewhere to the outskirts of the city. After a short interrogation, I was taken to the general cell where my friend was sitting with the other guys. The first thing he said to me: “Do not worry, now they will come for us and take us out. Everything will be OK. Today we have worked well”. They were all absolutely calm and even self-assured, as it turned out many already fought in the East of Ukraine, I realised that almost all Kharkov ultras are members of the nationalist organization “Azov”, which even has its own party. Nobody came for us, a policeman just came in and said that we are free.

Then we went to celebrate the victory of the Ukrainian team in a nightclub, it seems it was called “The Wall”, then after another glass of beer my friend told me that they control the whole city, and that this year we didn’t see him because he fought in Donbass, joining the nationalist regiment “Azov”. Now all the Kharkov football movement is close to “Azov”. “Azov” is a political organisation that is waging war with Russia and believes that it must be destroyed. “Azov” has his own military camps throughout Ukraine, which are controlled by the Security Service of Ukraine. Later I learned that on that day we were pulled out of the police station by Ukrainian special services, although usually the fans are not even detained, but simply taken away and when no one else is looking they are released. In general, in Ukraine, the football movement has become more of a way of earning money and improving one’s political career. He named people to me who started a few years ago with football fans, but now they have become respected people. For example, Oleg Shiryaev – the head of the Kharkov branch of the “Azov” party “National Corpus” or Artem Moshensky – the leader of “Kharkov City Patriots”.

They very much want to find friends in Poland to arrange a massacre in Russia during the World Cup to disrupt the holding of the championship… As early as autumn of 2017, my friend told me that they were tasked with creating a Ukrainian-Polish fan union. That’s why he invited me to Kharkov, because I have a lot of friends in the Polish fan environment, so I helped find a person through whom negotiations can begin. I then politely refused, I was even offered money for the work and organisation of a meeting here in Kharkov.

But then I decided for myself that I do not want to have anything in common with such people and such initiatives. I do not want the political ambitions and insults of Ukraine to disrupt one of the most long-awaited and grandiose holidays in recent years. The Poles should never be dolls in the hands of Ukrainian politicians and special services… I wouldn’t have written this text if I hadn’t found out from my friends that such a union had really been created and that our Polish brothers are going to go to the World Championship to support the Ukrainians in provocative actions in Russia.

I address you, brothers, do not do stupid things, do not believe in the provocateurs of Ukraine. You will certainly be substituted, today it is very advantageous for Kiev to arrest as many Poles as possible, so that there will be a grand scandal. In this case, Russia will work on principle and you will not be released, and while you will be sitting in a Russian prison, Ukrainian diplomats will howl in the European media about the arbitrariness of the Russian police. Russia has entered into a tough confrontation with the West, the confrontation is already becoming a matter of principle, it will be very difficult for your relatives to get you out of the Russian prison … and most importantly, I cannot understand why, for the sake of the revenge of Ukraine for Crimea and Donbass, you are ready to disrupt the World Championship and lose the fan’s passport? It’s all politics, it’s all about the big money, you and I just being used, like cannon fodder, being thrown onto Russian bayonets … for what?

I love football more than anything in the world and I do not want Poland to be guilty of the impending tragedy. Understand that it will sooner or later come to light… after all they certainly did not only address me … everything I have told you is no longer a secret in some quarters and it is only a matter of time before this information will come out in the form of revelations and journalistic investigations … Poland’s service to Ukraine is the biggest shame! Those who decided to participate in these provocations, I ask you, think again before it’s too late.

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