Kiev Is Waiting for Putin!: Banderist Provocateurs Shocked by Results of Their Own “Experiment”

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Kiev is full of people who, despite massive Banderist propaganda, not only experience the most warm feelings towards Russia, but also await their brothers as guests.

This was discovered by Banderists today who pretended to be Russian reporters from the Russia-24 channel covering the Kiev procession of the “immortal regiment”. The video of the provocation was posted on YouTube by one of the leaders of Svoboda group Aleksandr Aronets.

Posing as correspondents of the Russia-24 channel, Banderists asked the participants of the event about their attitude towards the events in Ukraine.

The result of the survey shocked the provokers. It turned out that many Kiev residents who came to celebrate Victory Day said “thank you” to the Russian president Vladimir Putin, “that he exists”, and wait for Russians as “this madhouse one day here anyway will be finished”. The name of the Russian channel that the Ukrainian fascists cynically used caused a genuine reaction from the respondents. It was felt that people were sick of being in the information space of the brown plague.

But however they are threatened by serious danger. The fascists started the provocation not for the sake of fun but to deal with those who are objectionable. Wide publicity of their threats can save imprudent Kiev residents their health and even their life.

“‘Thanks to Putin’ – participants of the march of the “immortal regiment” in Kiev thank Putin and wait for him to ‘end this disgrace’ in Ukraine…

I think that these people should be identified and handed over to law enforcement bodies, because the SBU and the police aren’t doing their job, allowing such ukrainophobic actions, that’s why we will be engaged in identifying separatists,” stated Aleksandr Aronets in the summary to the video.

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