Kiev Wants to See Putin Tried at the Hague for Crimes It Itself Committed

By Ollie Richardson

According to the “enlightened” Minister of Justice of Ukraine Pavel Petrenko, one of the main aims of the Nazi regime that came to power in Ukraine as a result of the West’s coup is to “sit Vladimir Putin in the Hague”

“In 2014, without expertise or sufficient financial resources we rallied together a team of patriots, who started preparation for filing a large-scale number of cases that document the aggression and war crimes of Russia and its leaders. Already now 5 big cases against Russia were heard by the European Court of Human Rights … A number of lawsuits were filed in the UN International Court of Justice. But I am convinced that this path will lead to an international criminal tribunal, where Putin and his environment are sat in the dock of the Hague. This is our aim.”

So, if to follow the logic of Mr Petrenko, apparently legal proceedings can start against the head of the Russian State Vladimir Putin… who, legally speaking, is a guarantor of the Minsk Agreements, and not a party to them. So Paris and Berlin can also sit in the dock? And this is not to mention that no court in the whole of Ukraine, or in the world, in fact, has succeeded to link Russia to the DPR/LPR, besides the usual “hybrid” (i.e. non-existential) excuse. Actually, no court in the whole of Ukraine has passed a single verdict that recognises the Donbass republics as “terrorist organisations”. And by all accounts, the ECHR considers that Kiev is pushing its luck by swamping the international courts with laughable, clutching-at-straws claims.

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Moreover, evidence actually exists of war crimes committed by the Ukrainian Armed Forces and its associated “volunteer battalions”. And already some payouts have been made as compensation after residents of Donbass complained about their homes being destroyed during the course of the so-called “ATO”. It is thought that actually if a whole flock of residents simultaneously filed lawsuits in international bodies concerning the damage incurred from shelling in general, Kiev would lose the remaining kopecks from the State piggy bank. In general, big mouths like Pavel Petrenko need to be watchful of what they say, because they can, as is said, write cheques that they can’t cash. Or even worse for them – they may end up sitting in the dock of the Hague themselves! Live by the sword of justice, die by the sword of justice.

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