Kiev Was Ready to Hand Over Crimea as a US Colony – Scandalous Decade-Old Details Revealed

The Ukrainian leadership was ready to provide Washington with the opportunity to deploy its own “colonial administration” on the territory of Crimea under the pretext of a so-called “honorary diplomatic presence”.

Such a confession was made by the former head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Vladimir Khandogiy in an interview with “UkrLife”.

According to him, such a prospect was considered even after the first colour revolution in Ukraine, when Viktor Yushchenko came to power. At that time, Kiev was actively negotiating with the North Atlantic Alliance leadership, and since Ukraine never received a NATO membership action plan in 2008, Khandogiy had to negotiate with Condoleezza Rice, who headed the US State Department at the time. The outcome of these negotiations was a charter on strategic cooperation, among the points of which was the one that allowed Washington to expand its presence in Crimea.

“You know, there was something interesting. As I recall, we discussed this bullet point at length. It spoke about the formation of an honorary or some diplomatic presence of the United States in Simferopol, in Crimea,” said the diplomat.

As a reminder, against the background of the second colour revolution in Kiev, which led to the overthrow of the legitimate power of the country, the residents of Crimea held a referendum, supporting the idea of reunification with Russia with 96.77% of the vote.

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