Kiev’s Dirty Method of Rounding Up Cannon Fodder For The “ATO” in Donbass

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Aleksey Zhuravko

Dear friends!

Important! I recommend to every Ukrainian to read this! I ask you to maximally spread this information on social networks. There is a need to do everything in order to save people from this useless war that was unleashed by the current Kiev junta.

Today I received from Kiev another document exposing the current government, which forcibly herds people to go to war against their brothers – the same Ukrainians. These “letters of happiness” were sent to all regional departments of the SBU. Apparently, the people of Ukraine do not want to fight and are leaving abroad en masse. This same letter confirms that mobilization is disrupted, and that the SBU is forced to use other methods in order to mobilize and send the youth to the ATO. Here is what I was told: the order was secretly given to speak with the heads of the police and the courts to propose to all who were detained for hooliganism or for more serious crimes to sign a contract with the UAF for a period of 3 months of service in the ATO. And then all previous convictions will be annulled and the opening of criminal cases will cease. It is via such a dirty method that the SBU and UAF are trying to attract to civil war the people who committed crimes.

Ukrainians, flee. You are absolutely right to not go to fight in the ATO. This is not our war.


To the heads of Departments Central Department of the SBU,

To the heads of departments of the SBU in regions,

From 02.11.2017 No. 1/4/12-3543

Concerning assistance to State bodies:

Recently, in the context of Russian aggression in the East of Ukraine, the Ministry of Defence is implementing additional measures to complete the units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine participating in the ATO.

However the territorial, regional, and city commissariats are faced with the problem of insufficient recruitment of conscripts, many of which don’t come to the assembly point of recruits for summons. In the Kiev region in October for the first wave less than 4% of recruits came to the military commissariat. The efforts of the military command, with the assistance of the police, to search for recruits in public places in the capital was not a success, and caused a great negative response in society.

According to the State Border Service and the State Department for Statistics of Ukraine, a large percentage of recruits are not hiding on the territory of Ukraine but are abroad, where most of them are officially employed. The departure of such citizens abroad must be coordinated with military commissariats at their place of residence. But now in the country a large contingent of firms for employment abroad was formed, which take care of all the “problems” of military personnel and border guards for the smooth departure of recruits abroad for employment. Military commissariats and the police have no official methods of influence on such firms.

I propose, using the operational capabilities of regulatory bodies in regions, to organize the verification of compliance by such firms with current legislation of Ukraine in order to stop or reduce their negative influence on the military potential of Ukraine. Secret conversations should be held with heads of such firms, during which they must be warned about their possible liability. They must be invited to inform State security bodies about conscripts’ possible intentions to move overseas. They must inform local military mobilisation bodies about interference and about taking preventive measures.

Also to inform the police using operational channels about the possibility to summon people who are under investigation for committing non-severe crimes for active military service, and to recommend to offer to such individuals the possibility to sign contracts with the UAF for a minimum period (3 months) instead of probation.

The execution of the instructions should start immediately.

The Head Of Service,

V. Gritsak

Proceeding from this letter, we can conclude that Ukrainians do not support the current government and don’t want to go to war.

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