Kiev’s Imps on the Road of the Holy Procession for Peace

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard 


Kiev’s imps are writhing. They started to flap, to howl, having felt with their stupid zombified brains the approach of the holy procession. It scares them into an animalistic state, because tens of thousands of people quietly, persistently, and inexorably are nearing the Banderastadt (name of the current metropolis of Kiev today is inappropriate).

Here is, huddling in hysterics, the attorney-alcoholic Yuri Lutsenko: “Go to Moscow to beg Putin about peace, here we will not allow provocations orchestrated by FSB agents”. On the TV screens of the country crawls out the main police woman of Ukraine Khatia Dekanoidze, who more and more resembles the witch from Gogol’s Viy, with sunken eye sockets with slanted eyes, thin and shabby: “We will involve thousands of police officers to protect public order, and will be vigilant around the clock”.

In full compliance with satanic practices, near Kiev, camps start to be deployed by the most earnest imps waving red and black flags of the “righties”, and trying to arrange their “temples” on the path of the procession. On the Zhitomir-Kiev highway last weekend, dozens of “righties” in camouflage swarmed the bus stop and were jumping like baboons. It’s them who setup “checkpoint” to “not let Moscow priests go in “Independent” capital “. From Boryspil, Nazis from the “OUN-UPA” battalion drove a few ancient buses to block the road to Kiev. Because nobody pays attention to them, except “jackals” from the central TV channels, they are also jumping as if someone filled in their holes with turpentine. And, of course, they are waving and waving their red-black flags, “fending off evil Moscow spirits”.

In the very heart of the Banderstadt capital, the head of the racial right Church of the “Kiev Patriarchate” Filaret became very excited. The same one who “blessed ATO soldiers” to mass murder in the name of Ukraine. Filaret called for the “true believers” to go to their own “real march” in the name of “unitary Ukrainian Orthodox Church.” In the parishes of UOC-KP, “patriots in cassocks” [Ukrainian priests – ed] started to flap, and influence their flock, setting it on “Moscow’s hanger-ons”. Directly in the temples particularly exalted “Filaret’s churchmen” thrashing like an epileptic, howling about the necessity to stop the hand of Moscow” and “canonize cyborgs.” And they’re really trying to do it! On all the roads they put up billboards with the faces of the “heroes of Ukraine”, which can serve as a visual guide to the Lombroso theory. At first glance you might think that there are pictures of wanted criminals on the sides of the roads. But no, if you look closely, you can see the inscription – “Heroes of Ukraine”. Well, there are all sorts of “cyborgs”, “spider-man” and simply rapists, which in very quick order are “canonized”, because a “young European power” urgently demands its own “national heroes”. Giant boards with “faces” dominated by low foreheads and over-developed brow ridges, greeted guests who arrived at the “Borispol” airport , which in the near-future will carry the name of either Hetman Mazepa, or Kazimir Malevich, or the same Bandera.

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Representatives of Diaspora who arrived from Canada, literally pissing with boiling water and sputter about “how the country has changed”. After that, they enter into a heated debate with taxi drivers, because the journey prices disappoint their Patriotic souls. And of course, all true patriots of Ukraine should be “transported for free”. The most advanced of the “canadians” right near the posters of “heroes of Ukraine” are trying to call Uber. Some of them spend half an hour admiring the inscription on the screen of the phone – “there are no free cars in your area”. Others begin to express their terrible resentment that the Uber app is not Ukrainized.

And here we see how to this concentration of all these main zombie TV channels of Ukraine, to this dwelling of the “creative patriotic class”, which uses grants from western embassies, the holy procession inexorably moves at the same time, from two sides – from the Holy Dormition Svyatogorsk Lavra and the Holy Dormition Pochaev Lavra. 

Thousands of people just smoothly flow around all sides of raging “pravy sector” pickets. The pickets howl in this environment, because they feel the animal fear of the human sea, united by the worst weapon for them – Faith. Police and SBU in an emergency order bring to Vladimir Hill, where stands the monument to the Baptizer of Rus’, Vladimir, hundreds of turnstiles and metal detectors. They will be looking for “guns and bombs”, and will check passports. They think that in this procession only everybody has identity of the FSB, and there are only Russian citizens. But no detector will be able to find Faith, which leads people.

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All along the procession, in every settlement and small town, the locals silently join the those who are already on the road. Even if it’s not for a long time, they still go with them. And all this despite the fact that without exception, all television channels, based on malice, talk about the “terrible terrorists who are going to blow up Kiev by the order of the Kremlin.”

The pictures of tens of thousands of people walking in the once beautiful peaceful town, tear apart the brains of Internet imps. How is it possible? Because only the “patriots from Lvov, Ternopil, and Ivano-Frankivsk” have every right to sit in comfortable buses, having being previously blessed by the local Greek-Catholic admirer of boys, and to go “on Maidan in Kiev”. Only those blessed by “Filaret, who every morning were howling on “euromaidan”, depicting such truly devilish “service” in the middle of mutilated-beyond-recognition capital’s central square, on the yellow background of the pagan pyramids and the remnants of the Christmas tree (on which, by the way, one of the activists hung himself), are “true shepherds of the European nation.” All the rest are “offspring, doomed for destruction.”

In order to lighten the rapidly demoralizing “patriots” mood, Waltzman [Poroshenko -ed] made the “nation” happy with news of the holding of the military parade on independence day on August 24th. “Volunteers”, which have long been turned into professional embezzlers, began to jump across talk shows with stories about “two hundred of the newest units of modern military equipment, which will pass along Khreschatyk [main avenue in Kiev – ed], about creative scenarios of participation in the parade of ATO soldiers”. In particular, on the “brilliant idea”, the veterans will carry pictures of the perished during the “AntiTerrorist Operation”. The only problem is that there is still not the desired number of participants in the parade with photos of the perished. And there will not be any aircraft, because according to the “volunteer”-embezzler Biryukov,” it can be knocked out by MANPADs”. In Kiev!

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But they can’t succeed to spread in their zombie-media their militarily-victorious war.” It is for the first time that people go to Kiev not for “EU values”, “the free trade area with the EU, and visa-free regime”. They go not from “Facebook”, where those like Nayyem [Mustafa Nayyem – Ukrainian journalist – ed] and other “true sons of Ukraine” rage. People are motivated by something far more ancient, powerful and so frightening to their frenzy, – Faith. This is a demonstration that another Ukraine exists. She was silent for a long time. She didn’t jump, didn’t stuff her face, choking from Nuland’s cookies. She just simply went out on the holy procession. She’s praying, but not to cheap divinities from modern Kiev regime’s pantheon, which dreams to create their operetta “Church”. She is not praying for “European values” and “same-sex marriage”, which Filaret “blesses”. She is praying for peace, which for Kiev imps is much more worse than their “war for independence of the nation.”

Holy Procession: Road to Boryspol

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