Kiev’s Instructions to Regional Authorities for Celebrating “Day of UPA”

Translated by Ollie Richardson


Eduard Dolinsky

The party and the government distributed instructions to Regional State Administrations on how to celebrate “Day of the defender of Ukraine” on October 14th. The 14th of October is also the birthday of UPA. Historical information is attached to the instructions, in which it is said:

“There is evidence that Jews fought in the ranks of UPA. They considered their stay in this army as real salvation from physical extermination by the Nazis. That’s why so many Jews moved there after escaping from the ghetto, others were released from there by Ukrainian insurgents.

They positively proved themselves not only as ordinary soldiers, but also as qualified doctors. The volumes of ‘Chronicles of UPA’ contain information about the heroics of Jews who fought in the ranks of UPA both against Nazism and against communism, and many of them died in the fight for the will of Ukraine and for the honor of the Jewish people”.

Soon they will invent that it was Bandera together with Hitler who liberated Auschwitz?

Abwehr Officer Lieutenant Siegfried Müller About Cooperation With Bandera and OUN-UPA

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