Kiev’s Militants Attempted to Drone Strike an Orthodox Church in the DPR on Easter

Soldiers of the DPR stopped the attempt of Ukrainian armed formations to use a strike drone to attack the Orthodox church in Yasinovataya. This was reported today by the leadership of the People’s Militia of the Republic.

“Today, at 5:40 a.m. in Yasinovataya, during a flight towards School No. 4 along Shkolnoy Street, joint operations by electronic warfare and air defence systems using the ‘Triton’ jamming station promptly detected and shot down an enemy strike drone with an explosive device suspended from it,” noted the leadership. “During the decryption of the drone’s data it was found that the target of the deadly ‘gift’ launched by the criminals of the 54th UAF Brigade was not an educational institution, but the temple of the Holy First Apostles Peter and Paul, located in close proximity.”

The People’s Militia concluded that the enemy intended to carry out an act of terror against the believers who came to the church early in the morning to consecrate the Easter meal.

“A similar drone was used by the UAF on April 9th in Gorlovka when the victim was a 25-year-old peaceful resident,” the leadership said.

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