Kiev’s Occupation Forces Once Again Opened Fire on the Village of Donetsky in the LPR

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Despite the agreed New Year’s ceasefire, the Kiev occupational forces continue to terrorise the civilians of the front-line settlement of Donetsky. The lives and health of the whole families of local residents were once again endangered. In the evening [of January 15th – ed] the Ukrainian Armed Forces opened chaotic fire at apartment houses in the settlement, one of the bullets went straight through the kitchen window of one of the apartments where at this time a woman was making dinner for her family.

The staff of the LPR Representation in the Joint Centre for Control and Co-ordination arrived at the scene and recorded the damage, as well as all the circumstances of this incident. The neighbours of the affected family also complained that there wasn’t and isn’t a ceasefire, and instead of the promised silence there are continuous attacks.

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