Kill Destabilisers, Porky!

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


The supreme pig of all of Ukraine said today that all who are dissatisfied with high tariffs, by the sale of land to foreigners, and other filth that his Khazar-Nazi junta creates, are Putin’s warriors of hybrid war. Because they “try to encroach on the stability of the state”.


Honestly, if these freaks were performing their freak-show from somewhere like the madhouse of the closed type, it would be the best comedy show in the world, much better than “Monty Python” or “Black Adder”. Because to bring to the audience such nonsense with such a serious (and even sad)  sight – you have to have courage to do it. But these freaks have more than 30 million people as hostages, and it’s not funny at all.

But in this case, I even support drunk Porky. I believe that those who encroach on the stability in Ukraine, must be simply killed. And it must begin with Petro Poroshenko.

Because no one else destabilized Ukraine as much he did. Maidan-1, the crisis of “every friends”, the crisis of 2008, the Maidan-2 with coup d’état, unleashing civil war, “their children will sit in basements”, a permanent hostile rhetoric against Donbass and Russia, escalation and propaganda of hatred – all of this, whether under his leadership, or with the direct participation of Porky.

Because the seizure of state buildings in Kiev and regional administrations in other regions isn’t the destabilization of the country? And to stage neo-Nazi marches and chanted “Moskals on knives” is not destabilizing the country? And throwing Molotov cocktails at law enforcement officers is not destabilizing the country? Or to engage in revanchism by rewriting of history is not destabilizing the country? And burning Odessa people alive is not destabilizing the country? Or to shoot police officers in Mariupol is not destabilizating the country? And the bombing of Donbass for the 3rd year is not destabilizing the country?

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And I even don’t mention the seizure by raiders, sawing of sugar plants, smuggling of alcohol of “black chancellor” Kuchma, involvement in illegal arms trade, destabilizing of the economy, the destruction of the banking and financial systems of Ukraine – all of this, also, Porky.

And to pay the salaries of employees at the “Roshen” Vinnytsia confectionery factory  with candy is not destabilizating the country, Porky? And this is not the realities of the 90’s, but the harsh everyday life of 2016, when Ukraine again is “nearly in Europe”.

Many members of the current junta destabilized the situation in Ukraine. But two characters did it much more than others – Igor Kolomoisky and Petro Poroshenko.

Let’s be consistent for once in your life! Kill destabilizers, Porky! Start with yourself!


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