Killary-Maidan: The Ride Commences

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


In order to expose Trump as a despot, tyrant, rapist and sexist, (in general, as “criminal power”) – grandma Clinton is no longer needed. The idea of a “struggle” itself is enough…

As I always say, as historical materialism teaches us, global process have too much inertia, so they can’t be simultaneously stopped.

Even if one of the many assassination attempts on Hitler would have been successful, even if he was replaced as leader of the Third Reich with someone else (there was many who desired it), the shared ideology of Nazism would not have changed because of it, and millions of Nazis will not disappear.

Similarly, from the fact that Hillary Clinton lost the elections and, after long hesitation and doubt, recognized Trump as President and congratulated him on the victory, the forces that are behind her have not disappeared, and their plans, strategies, and objectives generally have not changed.

That’s why the protests against the election Trump continue and are diligently fed. Nevertheless, it is what we predicted.

And already boys and girls of the marginal species in muzzles march on the American streets.


And buses already take the “protesters” to their place of work.


And already “maidanarbeiters” are being summoned on social networks to participate in protests for $1,500 a week.


In reality, the Presidential elections in the United States did not resolve fundamental contradictions between speculators and producers, between the working class and the super rich “1%”, and between the serving him “creative class” and the transnational/national globalists and elites etc.

The elections did not solve anything, they only exposed the contradictions in their entirety. The fact that Clinton lost the election still doesn’t mean anything – if it is necessary, forces standing behind her and groups will go to continue the confrontation without her.

In order to expose Trump as a despot, tyrant, rapist and sexist, (in general, as “criminal power”) – grandma Clinton is no longer needed. The idea of a “struggle” itself is enough against a designated “evil”. And anyone can become the technologist of protests – whether it be Madonna or Belladonna.

And if at this stage protests will reduce to nothing (will be suppressed or simply not funded), then at the first opportunity new disturbances and outbreaks of violence will follow.

Because American elites have for too long been pretending in the United States that everything is all right, and all problems were drowned out or concealed. And without getting proper treatment, all of these ailments (from de-industrialization to police brutality) were accumulated and swelled, turning from small stones into a large avalanche, which today has undoubtedly led to an actual split of the country and placed it on the brink of civil war.

So grab a seat in the front row and buckle up, it’s only the beginning.

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