Killed for 4 Rolls of Wallpaper?: Liberals in Russia Deployed the #RussianLivesMatter Hashtag

What do you think about these headlines? Even without reading the article, you may immediately grab your head and be horrified: how they could kill a simple guy for “three spikelets” four rolls of wallpaper. How awful.

What really happened?

From the press release of the National Guard of Russia:

“It is necessary to understand that before the arrival of the special forces of the Russian Guard to the place where the citizen – who, by the way, was previously convicted of drug trafficking – was locked up in his apartment, it was not some minor crime he committed (it is said that he only stole a few rolls of wallpaper) but a serious assault, during which he threatened staff with a knife (by the way, a criminal case was opened because of this under part 2 of article 162).”

“In addition, later he resisted the police officers who arrived at the scene, ran out with a knife, and used a can of liquid, which caused injuries to the operative who tried to detain him and who later required medical assistance. After fruitless negotiations with the participation of the suspect’s father, who went to the apartment and for a long time there was no news from him, which in that extreme situation could also indicate a possible crime, it was decided to conduct a special operation to detain the citizen,” said the statement of the Federal Guard.

“When the special forces entered the apartment, the suspect held in his hands an object that looked like an automatic weapon and aimed in their direction, and also made threats to the Special Rapid Response Unit officers and behaved aggressively. As a result, in the current situation, perceiving his actions as a really dangerous situation, it was decided to open fire.”

Later, according to Gribakin, during investigative actions, a bag with several knives and a crossbow was found in the suspect’s apartment. For what purpose these things were collected will also be established during the investigation, said the representative of the Russian Guard.”

“According to his father, his son bought the wallpaper with his own money and believed that ‘some bandits’ were chasing him, so he locked himself in the apartment.”

“According to the father of the deceased, the security forces opened fire because the son sprayed a can at one of them. ‘He didn’t shoot. He only sprayed from a canister. But what else to do if someone rushes towards you,’ the man said. At the same time, he also said that during the assault, his son held a knife for cutting wallpaper in his hands.”

And he bought wallpaper (according to his father), but for some reason they decided that he had stolen it. And he didn’t open the door because he was afraid. And they shot him not because he threatened someone, but just because they felt like it. It’s all magic.

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Turn off your imagination for a second, and think with your brain. If a cop in the Russian Federation uses a weapon, he will earn himself a long-term pain in the ass, paperwork, interrogations, and so on. It’s not like in America, where the cops are allowed to get away with it at the first opportunity. We have a lot of videos showing traffic policemen being hit in the face, and they can’t draw a gun because the consequences of this will be such that it is just better to be hit in the face.

Draw your own conclusions…


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