Killer From Ukraine’s Naval Infantry Meets His Victim

NEW – June 6, 2022

Video transcript:

“Viktor is a soldier of the DPR army who was captured by the Ukrainian nazis, who massacred him and threw away his ‘corpse’. But the man miraculously survived and now meets with the one who ‘killed’ him.

Doctor: ‘Pay attention to the wounds received in Ukrainian captivity. Blows to the head, neck and chest were inflicted with a bayonet knife. Here are three multi-splintered extrudable fractures, with rupture of the dura mater, displacement of bone fragments into the cranial cavity.’

The scars on his head and body were left by the Ukrainian military, and specifically this person, Dmitry Evgan, call sign ‘Said’, a naval infantryman from the 36th brigade of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. 

The Ukrainian marine militant began to cry when he saw the one they were trying to take the life of:

‘A comrade came in and said: ‘Come on, let’s finish the prisoner off .’ I went in, stabbed him six times and left.

War Correspondent: ‘What feelings did you have when you stabbed him?’

Dmitry Evgan: ‘I can’t describe it.The body was taken out on the second day, and the doctors said that he was dead.’

War correspondent:Look to your right. Do you remember him?

Dmitry Evgan: ‘I remember.’

Viktor, a DPR soldier: ‘Well, God is your judge.’

War correspondent: ‘Is it you who stabbed him?

Dmitry Evgan: ‘Yes. Let me apologise just for myself. I apologise to God. May I?

Viktor: ‘No need.’

Dmitry Evgan: ‘I understand you.’

War Correspondent (narrating): ‘Sobbing won’t help. This sadist has a tribunal and a prison sentence ahead of him. This is at best. The reckoning for their deeds awaits all those Ukrainian military and neo-nazis who destroyed the cities of Donbass.'”

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