Who Kills the People of Donbass: The Helmet of a Liquidated Ukrainian Militant Had SS Symbols on It

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



As was reported earlier, in Donbass one of the most skilled fighters of Right Sector with the nickname “Kazakh” was destroyed.

The “brother-in-arms” of the killed militant, the commander of the 1st separate assault company in Right Sector Dmitry Kotsyubaylo showed the blood-stained helmet of “Kazakh”.

“The price of a peaceful sky over the head!!! The helmet of my friend ‘Kazakh’,” he said, commenting on the photo published on his page on a social network.

The most interesting thing on the helmet is the “SS” runes, “confirming” that “there is no Nazism in Ukraine” and showing who is fighting against the Republics of Donbass.

Swastika on UAF Soldier’s Helmet – a Banal Sight on Ukrainian TV

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