Kiva, on Avakov’s Instructions, Organised the Kharkov Bus Attack

Quite a lot has already been said about a typical incident on the road in Ukraine, and there is no point in talking about the details again.
But what does make sense to talk about is the organisers of the incident.
According to my sources in Kiev, all the details were worked out in the office of the Minister of the Interior of Ukraine Arsen Avakov.

Faithful squire of the minister and people’s deputy of Ukraine Ilya Kiva played the role of executioner of his own militants.

The attackers were Kiva’s militants, natives of the Poltava region, participants in the punitive operation of Ukraine against the civilian population of Donbass.

The Ukrainian deputy pinned the blame for the attack on his yesterday’s brothers-in-arms from the punitive battalion Azov and the neo-fascist organisation National Corpus.

Both organisations report to the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine and are funded by him.

Why does Avakov need a public flogging of his own organisations?

I was told three reasons.

1. A month ago, Zelensky had a meeting with Avakov, during which the Ukrainian President once again asked his minister to fulfil the previously reached agreements on solving the problem in the form of the leader of the “Azov” and “National Corpus” nazis Biletsky and his militants. According to the agreements, Zelensky will not remove Avakov from the post of Interior Minister until at least the spring of 2021, in exchange for the disposal of his nazis.

2. Avakov considers Kiva in the muscle unit “Patriots For Life” as a replacement for Biletsky. Some of the militants from “Azov” and “National Corpus” are already flowing under the wing of Kiva. “Patriots For Life” will be further considered as an independent political force, not connected in any way with the Opposition Platform of Medvedchuk/Rabinovich.

3. Biletsky started to show excessive will and freedom of action, which could have a detrimental effect during the so-called “dish of the day” that is being prepared by Klitschko, Kolomoisky, and Avakov for Zelensky. Therefore, it is better to immediately reformat the muscle unit than to face the problem of arbitrariness and sabotage during a coup.

By the way, Biletsky has already made a statement, saying that his people were not involved in the attack, and those militants who were arrested by the Ukrainian police have an alibi.

But let’s return to the deputy Kiva, who managed to visit all TV channels during these days.

In 2014, Ilya Kiva was one of the leaders of the organisation Right Sector” and a trusted representative of the creator and leader of the neo-fascist structure Dmitry Yarosh in the presidential election.

In the same year, Kiva began a strong and fruitful cooperation with Interior Minister Arsen Avakov.

It is still unknown what attracted the head of the Interior Ministry to an inadequate person with an active mental illness.

In the summer of 2013, doctors officially recognised Ilya Vladimirovich Kiva as a disabled person of the 2nd category. All documents confirming this fact were found by Poltava journalists and posted for public viewing on the Internet. Kiva’s diagnosis of schizophrenia is still valid. Perhaps the decision of the minister was influenced by the fact that at that time there were already 400 armed militants from “Right Sector” under the command of Kiva.

In 2014, Avakov immediately awarded the non-serving Kiva the rank of Major, and then Lieutenant Colonel of the police. Kiva became an adviser to the minister and was successively appointed deputy chief of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Donetsk and then the Kherson region and eventually became head of the National Police of Ukraine’s department for combatting drug crime.

Kiva’s quote as the main fighter against drug trafficking:

Of course I tried drugs. I have lived different lives. I know what weed is, I can tell you about the effects of cocaine.

The introduction of the database of the infamous website Mirotvorets in the system of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine is also the “merit” of Kiva.

By the way, the European media after Avakov’s appointments accused the leadership of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine of Nazism and that the Ukrainian police are headed by skinheads.

Thus, the Swiss publication La Tribune de Genève gives the following description of Ilya Kiva:

This is a skinhead with cold eyes who is related to the ultranationalist organisation “Right Sector”.

And here is a quote from the French publication “Libération”:

The appointment of the outspoken ultra/nazi Kiva is a shameful stain on the body of the Ukrainian police. After Maidan, Ukraine became a paralysed country.

In 2014 and 2015, Kiva, along with his thugs, took part in the genocide of the Russian population in Donbass and was engaged in pillaging and robberies in cities and towns of the young Republics.

Avakov appointed him as the commander of the punitive battalion “Poltava”, which united the “Poltava” battalion and the “Mirny” and “Kremenchug” units that fought in Donbass. By the way, Kiva personally selected militants for the “Mirny” unit.

Here are some quotes from this scumbag and war criminal about the Russian residents of Donbass who made a choice in favour of integration with Russia:

“I am ready to break the law to administer justice, if it helps to survive. During the war in Donbass, I realised that in order for one to survive, the other must die. We will work like a scalpel to cut out the tumour that is trying to change the worldview of our children. We will show no mercy”.

“Even when we return that territory, it will remain an anti-terrorist operation zone for many more years. Because the main task of the special services will be to identify pro-Russian citizens.

… We will never forgive anyone. There is no forgiveness here. One position is possible here — the total Ukrainisation of Donbass. This is our territory. There will be our laws, our Ukrainian flags. And those who do not want it — will not live on this territory. They will have a choice — either leave or don’t leave. But they won’t live there. We will make and teach you to love the Ukrainian land”.

“I appeal to civil organisations and activists from Kiev, block the movement of buses of the company ‘Sheriff-tour’ (Donetsk carrier company) Kiev-Donetsk, Donetsk-Kiev, which contribute to the spread of the terrorist plague and dirt on the territory of Ukraine!

P. S. If it were down to me, I would shoot these travellers in the DPR, lovers of referendums and parades of Ukrainian prisoners of war. Only a tough position of society will make Donbass sober up! There are no more halftones here! There is only YOUR own and the ENEMY! This is the only way to defeat this plague!”

And when Ukrainian soldiers crushed an 8-year-old child to death in the Donetsk city of Konstantinovka, the adviser to the Interior Minister of Ukraine briefly wrote on social networks: “Vata in the ground”.

Now I have a question for those Ukrainians who decided to feel sorry for Kiva and his militants.

Do you think that those who voluntarily go to work for this bandit do not know who he is? Do you feel sorry for them?

The leadership of the “Opposition Platform” believes that Kiva has realised and rethought everything? Of course!

At the Nuremberg trials, Hitler’s executioners said something similar.

P.S. Kiva “distinguished himself” not only in Donbass. The blockade of Crimea is also Kiva and his militants from “Right Sector”.

Vladimir Karasyov

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