Klimkin Demanded From NATO a Place on its Eastern Flank

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



Ukraine must be included in the eastern flank of NATO, stated the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Pavel Klimkin.

“Ukraine must become a part of the transatlantic community, and this means that Ukraine gradually must be included in the eastern flank of NATO,” stated the Foreign Minister of Ukraine.

Klimkin suggested to look at what is happening in the Baltic States.

“How allies shared among themselves the need to defend each of their friends. We must come to the same concerning Ukraine,” explained the Ukrainian minister.

As a reminder, Ukraine very much likes to refer to the so-called Budapest memorandum concluded in 1994. According to it, a number of influential countries guarantee Ukraine’s territorial integrity in exchange for the delivery of nuclear weapons, foreign ones, meanwhile, also in exchange for non-alignment of Ukraine to various blocs. To NATO, it should be noted first of all. Ukraine itself violated provisions of this memorandum, later staging numerous attempts to be added to NATO, and also to the EU, and without stopping rhetoric about it. Before the so-called “Russian aggression”, meanwhile, it was impossible to explain the obsession to be glued to NATO, even if it is a scarecrow, even if it is a carcass, using sensible arguments. Except one thing: Ukraine itself is interested in calling into question its own territorial integrity. Well, and also the fact that anti-Russian Ukrainian policy isn’t coordinated with “Russian aggression” whatsoever in any way, but that it was always like that in its initial basis.

As another reminder, earlier the Deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation Konstantin Zatulin stated that the Budapest memorandum is not a sacred cow, and Russia isn’t obliged to guarantee the integrity of Ukraine in modern conditions.

“We signed the Budapest memorandum about the guarantees of the territorial integrity of Ukraine in case of its refusal of nuclear weapon, but it doesn’t mean that these guarantees are forever.

Is it written in the memorandum: whatever Ukraine does, we guarantee its territorial integrity?

She will wage war on its territory, destroy the Russian population in Donbass, violate human rights on the native language, and we will promote at the same time her territorial integrity. This is nonsense,” said Zatulin.

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