Klitschko Said That Kiev Should Abandon Its Hot Water Supply in Order to Become “European”

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



In Kiev it is necessary to abandon the city’s centralised hot water supply. This was stated on the air of TV by the mayor of the capital Vitali Klitschko. After this
 Kiev will become a European “power”, assures the official.

Klitschko reported that in Europe and the US citizens warm up their water via boiler rooms, which are in certain houses or apartments. According to Klitschko, Kiev is “the only city in Eastern Europe where there is a centralised hot water supply”.

Klitschko also stressed that the capital is obliged to spend too much money on warming and transporting water, as well as maintaining the networks. The mayor added that experts are now calculating possible ways of solving the problem.

“Local heat generation is much more efficient than the losses that occur with a central heat supply,” noted the city’s mayor.

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