Kokhanovsky Hinted That the Fate of Ceaușescu Awaits Poroshenko

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



Ukraina.ru asked Ukrainian nationalists to comment on the reality of the threats of the former commander of the voluntary battalion “Dnieper-1” and the Deputy from the “People’s Front” party Yury Bereza about the “night of the long knives” that must take place should the opposition seek revenge. Our interlocutors consider that the Bereza wasn’t joking at all.

The other day on the air of “Channel 5” – belonging to Petro Poroshenko – Bereza stated that in the event of another attempt to come to power by the current opposition, he and his sworn brothers have a certain plan “B”.

“There won’t be revenge. We have combat experience. This revolution ended in a lot of blood. Just I feel that if we lose Ukraine, there will be actions – I have a plan ‘B’. There won’t be civil war, there will be a night of the long knives and so on,” stated Bereza.

Kokhanovsky supports Bereza

Nikolay Kokhanovsky, the head of the “OUN” battalion, “famous” recently for attempts to prevent the procession of the “immortal regiment” in Kiev, considers that the average Ukrainian already for a long time dreams of a “night of the long knives” for enemies of the Ukrainian people: oligarchs, corrupt judges, and politicians. Answering the question of our publication, whether he considers the President Petro Poroshenko as an oligarch, the head of “OUN” called the Ukrainian President oligarch number one.

“And, of course, if this time comes, we will take part in the punishment of traitors, oligarchs, corrupt judges, and prosecutors. We not only declare this, but we also try to approach this time. For this we carry out protest actions, we hit banks, we stop the Moscow-type of peaceful marches, we try to stop the action ‘Immoral Regiment’. We arrange protests in courts, near the prosecutor’s offices. We don’t want Ukraine to be in a regime of internal occupation. We want Ukraine to be free. We know precisely who impeaches our freedom,” explained Kokhanovsky to Ukraina.ru.

At the same time Kokhanovsky evaded the question how specifically during the “night of the long knives” he and his sworn brothers will finish off enemies of the Ukrainian people, and whether they will cut them in the literal sense of this word.

“You know, there are more modern ways. I don’t want to comment on it: situations happen very differently. Perhaps it will be simply a revolutionary tribunal and punishment, as it was during many revolutions. Perhaps everything will be somehow different. But if the court will sentence to execution, so anyway … There is nothing horrible in it. In Romania everybody saw how it happened (a hint about the execution of the Romanian dictator Nicolae Ceaușescu – ed), and nobody is sad,” reminded Kokhanovsky.

Ukraina.ru also asked for comment Aleksandr Alferov, the press secretary of the “National Corpus” (the political wing of the “Azov” regiment), however he avoided to answer.

“It is Bereza who spoke about a ‘night of the long knives’, so let him comment,” briefly said the speaker of “National Corpus”.

Bereza himself also didn’t want to answer our questions. In the beginning he was not against talking to us, however, having heard our questions, he hung up and didn’t answer our subsequent calls.

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Ukraina.ru also asked the political scientist Vladimir Kornilov to comment on the threat of Bereza and to evaluate to what extent it is real for the opposition.

“Yes, they prepare for it and actively call for this since the first hours of Maidan. Actually, they began knocking off the opposition long ago — when one-by-one several prominent representatives of the other camp dropped, including Buzina and Kalashnikov.

But then the western sponsors started putting pressure on Kiev. That’s why for now the murder’s stopped. But it doesn’t mean that the dream of Yaroshs and Berezas, expressed in slogans ‘hang communist from the branches’ or ‘Moskals on knives’, is rejected. Its realization was simply postponed for a period of time. The more right radicals will feel their full impunity (including for such calls), the more  courageously they will act”, considers Kornilov.

The political scientist also doesn’t exclude that sooner or later both right radicals and the authorities will start clashing, and that it will even the phase “eat each other”.

“But in any case, the authorities — these or the next ones — will be obliged to solve this problem. The gun has been hanging on the wall for a long time, and it can’t but shoot… Simply Bereza, if he knows history, he had to say that he dreams about ‘Kristallnacht’ or ‘Bartholomew’s night‘ for the opposition.

I don’t even doubt that in Ukraine a ‘night of the long knives’ will occur sooner or later. Anyway, the power that will decide to make at least some order in Ukraine, will be obliged to solve this problem of the presence of fighter-nationalists armed to the teeth.

Bereza is obviously not strong in history and doesn’t know that during the ‘night of the long knives’ in 1934 nazis were cutting nazis — the storm battalion of Ernst Röhm. And respectively, when this ‘night’ will come, Bereza himself and his fighters – ‘sworn brothers’ – will be the main targets…” predicts Kornilov.

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