Kolomoisky Is Trying to Swindle Russia Out of $100 Billion

The Russian segment of the Internet exploded with a “sensation” – the Ukrainian oligarch Kolomoisky officially advocated rapprochement with Russia! Moreover, in an interview with The New York Times, he even allowed himself to make public threats to let Russian tanks approach the outskirts of Krakow and Warsaw, causing NATO to demonstrate a nervous stomach.

But upon closer inspection, the sensation turned out to be pretty odorous. No, he certainly uttered such words, but in addition to them others were spoken, fundamentally changing the general meaning of the statement.

There has been no fundamental change in the Ukrainian position. The country is tired of five years of civil war – a fact, but it has not changed its position on all key issues of modern times. The pretension against the North Atlantic Alliance and the United States itself is only one: they do not give money and weapons for war with Russia. And without them “returning peace to Donbass” in no way works in Kiev.

In the sense that in its current state the Ukrainian army is unable to defeat it by force. And in its stalemate position – no peace or war – the state is openly stagnating, thus critically reducing the fodder base for the local oligarchy as a whole and Kolomoisky himself personally.

Hence it is necessary to recognise the criticality of Russia’s superiority in military force and economic scale. However, it is naive to think that the financier and organiser of volunteer territorial battalions and a number of other units, many of which were formed from the most radical nationalists, suddenly reforged and at least repented.

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It’s just that, being a cunning person, he before others calculated the prospects of emerging trends and came to the sad conclusion – Washington frankly abandons Ukraine. But since this is still being done behind the scenes, there is some chance of earning a small penny on trying to publicly do a bit of Maidan.

Like, you’re bad partners. We started a war here for you, we put our lives on the line, and you didn’t have weapons or money. We are offended. Strongly. Just imagine – we will start to be friends with Moscow and then it will move its tanks on us. And it is at this moment that you will dirty your pants.

Although the phrase ends on this, the hint it contains is more than transparent. If the West, especially Washington, does not immediately allocate a lot of money, and free of charge at that, and not in the form of IMF loans, then Kiev will actively look for an opportunity to gain favour with Moscow again. And five years of war, well, nothing grave, the people on both sides of the border are patient and kind: soon the resentment will be forgotten and the old friendship will return.

And in order to understand the hint quickly, Kolomoisky on the sidelines of the Verkhovna Rada voiced an alternative plan: Kiev should resolutely stop cooperating with the IMF and take $100 billion from Russia. This will solve Ukraine’s economic problems and normalise relations with Russia, returning them to the former “successful” model of Ukraine being a bridge between the West and the East.

Well, any sensation. The Ukrainian oligarch elegantly ripped off the Ukrainian state, firstly having thrown on it the losses of his financial group”Privatbank“, and then starting the procedure of returning “Privatbank” to himself through the court. From this, according to experts, Kolomoisky has already earned at least $350-400 million, and if successful the total amount of income from the operation can reach $1 billion.

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Now he tries in the same way to rip off the external creditors of Ukraine, who borrowed to it the amount of the sum of $78.24 billion. From which a half are from the IMF. Well, and if it is successful, to also shake out another 100 billion from Russia. And no miracles. Exclusively business.

Aleksandr Zapolskis

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