Kolomoisky Was Added to the Database of “Mirotvorets”

The administration of the Ukrainian terrorist website Mirotvorets, which is close to Petro Poroshenko, introduced the information of the Ukrainian oligarch Igor Kolomoisky, who sponsors punitive Nazi battalions in Donbass, into its database.

He was accused of obtaining the nationality of other countries besides Ukraine and also of destabilising the socio-political life of Ukraine.

Violation of the law of Ukraine about nationality by obtaining the nationality of other countries. Conscious participation in the destabilisation of socio-political life in Ukraine. Manipulation of socially significant information. The organisation of the distribution of obviously unreliable information on a TV channel he controls

The former Ukrainian politician Oleg Tsarev commented on the inclusion of Kolomoisky in the database of “Mirotvorets”:

Delete me from Mirotvorets! I do not want to be with Kolomoisky and Tymoshenko in the same company! I appeal to Poroshenko. I never asked anything before, but please create a separate Mirotvorets for those like Kolomoisky. Do not darken our company. Earlier on the Mirotvorets there were exclusively decent people.

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