Konstantin Knyrik: The Change of Power in the US Will Accelerate the Irreversible Process of Crimea’s Recognition

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



The program “Meeting Place” on NTV. Dated November 16th, 2016. Theme: “Peninsula of freedom?!”

The head of the new agency News Front Konstantin Knyrik believes that the terrorist activities in Ukraine are legalized at the state level.

“In Ukraine an experiment was conducted:  the power transmission line was blown up, commit a terrorist attack and watch the ripples in the water, it means they analyzed how the international community will react. <…> It happened on Ukrainian territory: no Russian special services can’t invent anything there. The terrorist attack against the citizens of Crimea was committed on Ukrainian territory,” said Knyrik.

He added that unlike the Ukrainian intelligence services, Russian intelligence services provide a full base of evidence during the arrest of saboteurs.

“Intelligence agencies of Ukraine created the terrorist network, Hizb ut-Tahrir, which is also being cleaned by employees of the Crimean special services. It was precisely the SBU that supervised and gave the green light to Hizb ut-Tahrir to operate in Crimea. Today, parallel to the events with the planting of professional spies, all of this network, unfortunately, still remains in Crimea, and it is fortunate that we succeed to stop this terrorism,” said the head of News Front.

“Crimea in any case would be recognised. The change of power in the USA will simply accelerate this irreversible process because it was started a long time ago and it is already underway. What ever can be said, there are countries that have already recognized it. There are leaders who came to power and declare that they will prospectively recognize it. That is, I am more than confident that this process will simply be accelerated,” considers Konstantin Knyrik.

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