Konstantin Knyrik: Idea of an International Administration in Donbass Is a Western Provocation

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



The head of News Front information agency Konstantin Knyrik, in an interview to Svobodnaya Pressa, spoke about his vision of the information war, which is also being conducted in Donbass. Also he touched on the subject of “an exit of Ukraine from crisis”.

“Many people representing international funds and different organizations — even such like the OSCE and the UN — now carry out the function of instruments of the information war. They stopped being persons capable of independent thinking, and are engaged especially in propaganda.

I.e, earlier we thought that newspapers are instruments of information war, and now — it is the people. Moreover, people of different statuses and levels,” considers the head of News Front.

Knyrik reminded about a recent protest action in Donetsk. Citizens held a meeting under the headquarters of observers [OSCE – ed], demanding unbiased interpretation of events in Donbass.

“Inhabitants of Donbass at a protest action showed their real attitude towards the OSCE mission, in the form in which it is now. On February 15th, in Donetsk a mass meeting took place with the demand that the so-called “observers” from this organization open, at last, their eyes.

After all members of the OSCE mission, in reality, repeatedly gave the impression that they acted not simply as real intermediaries in the military operations of Ukraine. They were aim-correctors and leaked confidential information to the UAF— i.e. they played the role of a spy, actually. If, in addition, they are armed, in the near future they will destroy the Russian population of Donbass on the side of the Ukrainian army,” noted the head of News Front.

In addition, Knyrik commented on the confessions of the former adviser of the UN concerning mediation in the resolution of conflicts Antje Herrberg. According to her, the West, perhaps, will try to play its own scenario, which has nothing in common with the implementation of the Minsk Agreements on Donbass.

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She, for example, considers that the situation in Donbass can be settled by creating there an international administration — neither a Ukrainian one, nor a Russian one.

“There is nothing new to me in the statement of Mrs Herrberg. Because in Ukraine during the last year also the idea of a Croatian scenario is also systemically and methodically untwisted, in which thousands and thousands of Serbians were exterminated for belonging to a certain ethnos.

That’s why this is a vector of general information agenda, which today is regulated by the European Union. And, in fact, by ‘the collective gang of Soros’, who doesn’t want at all to exit out of the conflict situation in Ukraine. Because for them it is both a rather profitable business and an attractive element of blackmail, like of Russia, and of the new administration of Trump, with which they will hardly ever find understanding,” said Knyrik.

One journalist asked a question about Minsk-2: “Does it mean that the Minsk Agreements are pushed aside? Does Brussels start its own game?” to which Knyrik answered:

“I think that this statement testifies also about the fact that at the official level, the European Union refuses the absence of an alternative of the Minsk Agreements.

The Ukrainian side, in principle, refused it a long time ago. But there was still some hope that the European guarantors somehow will force Kiev to fulfil their obligations.

Now, the EU and Ukraine already openly gave every appearance that they initially didn’t plan to fulfil these agreements. And that they will try to interpret them, or to invent something new.  So it is this ‘New’ that we heard”.

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