Konstantin Knyrik: Poroshenko Killed Motorola, and Continues to Kill Minsk

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



Now, when the initial emotions have subsided a little bit, and only grief and cold anger remains in the soul, the possibility arrived to carefully consider and analyze the motives of this murder, to attentively remember what preceded it and who benefits from it.

The escalation in the South

On the eve of the murder of Arseny Pavlov, on the southern borders of the Republic, a significant aggravation began. Reports about an increase in provocations by the UAF started to appear in the media, and the real fighting and the corresponding targeted information attacks started. How is this related to the terrorist attack and killing of Motorola?

Arseny Pavlov, in March 2015, together with his “Sparta” battalion, arrived in the Mariupol direction, which scared Ukrainian media. And he arrived with the aim to stop the offensive of the UAF. And it was he who built the defensive redoubts of the Republic in this direction.


“Givi and Motorola are near Mariupol?”

The terrorist act by Ukrainian fighters against the Hero of Novorossiya, the legendary commander of “Sparta” Arseny Pavlov, and a sharp aggravation of the situation on the front line, no doubt, are links in a chain and form a concept developed by American advisors and adopted for execution by Kiev’s “military leaders”.

The essence of this vicious practice is simple – to combine massive shelling across the contact line with strikes on key direction and actions of bandit groups (in Ukraine they are called “sabotage and reconnaissance”) in the rear of the enemy, including against representatives of the command and administration.

Without a doubt, this murder is intended to demoralize fighters of the DPR. And the ultimate aim of such terrorist attacks is to sow panic and fear among the entire population of the LDPR. It is unlikely that the Ukrainian terrorists will achieve a significant effect, but the murder of such a significant and meaningful field commander is definitely a very painful loss for the DPR army, and the Ukrainian side understands this well.

Terrorist activities, as a new model of Ukrainian tactics

Clearly, from any point of view, military or moral, peace or war, the way in which Arseny Pavlov was killed cannot be treated in another way than a terrorist attack. He was killed not in battle, not on the battlefield, and not even by a sniper, but extremely despicably and from behind.

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In relation to this tragic event, it is worth noting that this terrorist attack, for the last three months, is not the first for Ukraine.

Already when a “Ukrainian activists” sabotaged the power line to Crimea, I said that it was a specific reaction test, the state’s reaction to terrorist activities and also the reaction of the international community. Blowing up the power lines not only showed that not only is a reaction not present, but also that there will be no condemnation at the state level for such actions. But there is also direct support and even stimulation. In the international arena the terrorist attack “was not noticed”. No one, even the most insignificant European politicians, did not say that to do such things in a European country is not acceptable.

Three or four months ago, terrorist activities become an integral part of Ukrainian military tactics. The sequence of events was just spectacular: an attempted breakthrough in Crimea by sabotage and reconnaissance groups, the attempt on Plotnitsky, markers for an assassination attempt on Zakharchenko, the detonation of monuments in the LDPR, the recruitment of minors to commit terrorist acts in the territories of the LDPR. Does it remind you of anything? That’s right — accurate and systematic activities in the best traditions of ISIS.

Here is a message from our trusted source from 14.07.2016:

“It became known that two NATO Generals are attached to the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine. They received the status of Assistant Secretaries of the Minister of Defense and offices in the Ministry. The military of Ukraine is strictly prohibited from any activities or military operations without coordination with them”…


And now the official information from the news:

“The Pentagon said that Abizaid [John – ed] will help Ukrainian Defense Minister Stepan Poltorak in the implementation of reforms aimed at strengthening civilian control over the army and the fight against corruption, reports ABC News”.

Interestingly, it is precisely the message that the US Secretary of Defense himself who appointed the advisor to his Ukrainian counterpart – and not at all that this appointment was made by the Ukrainian minister. About if Poltorak was informed about the appearance of this advisor and how he reacted to this appointment is not reported.

According to Carter, this appointment is not a signal of the US’ readiness to help Ukraine in offensive operations against “Russian forces”.

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Furthermore, our friends gave us information about the second advisor, a General, which is to be announced only partially:

“He was engaged for a long time in the preparation and training of the so-called “moderate opposition” in Syria, and therefore in reality training militants of ISIS”…

Some may say that I exaggerate, but if we look deeply and compare the actions of ISIS militants and acts of terrorism, made by military and special and special services of Ukraine, not just a stable connection can be observed, but a clear understanding that the same people manage these processes.

Inside the Republic Motorola never troubled anyone

He was one of the few field commanders who had avoided to make advances in the political and media environment. For sure there was no such situation where he allowed himself to criticize someone, to condemn “the policy of the party”. He did not intervene in conflicts, which in recent years has happened a lot, while his words in the media had a lot of weight. Therefore, from the point of view of the situation in the Republic — Motorola did not trouble anyone. He clearly obeyed the hierarchy, and vertically. And if really the need for his elimination would arise, let’s suppose that someone was not pleased with this authority, with Arseny Pavlov it always been easy to negotiate, to give orders, and he would fulfil them. First of all, he was a disciplined and talented field commander, who proved himself in many strategic operations (cleaning two “cauldrons”, the capture of Donetsk airport).

Poroshenko promised to kill the Motorola – it’s possible this video may be fake

Why is Petro Poroshenko responsible for the murder of Arseny Pavlov? Because here everything is simple, just a few days before the terrorist attack, Poroshenko held a briefing with the “ATO” command, where he discussed very important issues and plans.

In an effort to “fulfill” the Minsk agreements, Poroshenko over the last two weeks made all possible and impossible steps: whether he transferred equipment prohibited by the Minsk agreements in the “ATO” zone, or sharply increased financing for the Ministry of Defence, or ask for lethal weapons, or call for instructors from the West, well, in short, every step is the desire to fulfil the Minsk agreements and accomplish a peaceful settlement.

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Here things get more interesting, I fantasize about nothing and didn’t invent that Poroshenko personally and publicly threatened and warned that “Motorola” will pay for the murder of the “Hero of Ukraine” Igor Branovitsky, as well as for the elimination of heroic cyborgs in Donetsk airport.


“Poroshenko promised to kill Motorola”

All these facts, for me personally, form into only one logical chain: by publicly stating such things, the President of any country, even being semi-fake President like Poroshenko, clearly understands the degree of responsibility and is clearly aware that such threats will need to be performed. I will assume that intense provocations in the South, an emergency meeting in the “ATO zone”, and most importantly, the terrorist attack itself was executed by the clear order of Petro Poroshenko. I think that after some time the semi-president Poroshenko will award some fighters, who performed this murder. It is clear that nobody remains that doubts the participation of Poroshenko personally, the doubt is only about the extent of the participation, but it is likely that this is the first time when Poroshenko’s words did not differ from his actions.

I will note one more fact, that on the Internet recently many fake videos have appeared where different groups take responsibility for the murder of Motorola, but they are all very, very doubtful. However, my attention was drawn to a video that was published on October 19th. It is possible to doubt its authenticity, but the content and informativity of this video definitely adds confidence that there is no smoke without fire.

By the way, my personal opinion is that this video can be quite authentic, and I’m assuming that there are still in Ukraine normal officers who understand that such actions of the authorities in Kiev can lead to irreversible consequences. I understand that if this employee is really a SBU member, then what has he to worry about and why hide his face.

Moreover, the emotional reaction of some representatives of LDPR have caused serious concern, because if LDPR starts to act the same way in the first place, such people will suffer. I do not exclude that this “SBU” employee, in doing this, insured himself in case “Givi will come” — and he may be able to prove that it is he who recorded this video, by keeping the source code somewhere in a safe place.

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