Konstantin Kosachev on MH-17: It’s Time to Create an International Investigation Team Concerning Ukraine

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Konstantin Kosachev

The head of the Federation Council Committee for International Affairs Konstantin Kosachev pointed out that the website of “independent investigations” Bellingcat was created two days before the downing of MH17…

Seeking to play the “first violin” in everything, the US as a result very often spoils everything by their purely American spontaneity. The statement of the official representative of State Department Heather Nauert (after the official accusations of Australia and the Netherlands) – that Washington, of course, completely supports the conclusions of the “international investigation team” concerning the allegedly Russian origin of the rocket that brought down MH17 in 2014 over Donbass – seems to be quite predictable. But the State Department didn’t refrain from ascertaining: “the statement confirms what we said from the first days of this tragedy” – that Russia is guilty.

I.e., the most influential country in the world openly states: we from the very beginning, before any investigation, named the guilty persons, and by this we confirm our extreme interest in the results of any investigation into this case. And Washington isn’t alone in this at all. I’m not speaking about Ukraine, over whose territory the plane was shot down, and which according to any criminalistic and legal logic must be among the suspects, but was however included in the investigation team. For Ukraine this investigation with a pre-determined finale is, of course, manna from heaven.

Especially as one more very important topic was included in the report – not just about the participation of Russia or its military personnel in the tragedy, but about the allegedly free import and export of Russian weapons systems across the Russian-Ukrainian border. The target is obvious: to kill two birds with one stone – to accuse Russia of both attacking the plane and of having a military presence in Ukraine. Is it necessary to say what informational, legal, and political significance was attached to the work of the “international investigation team” from the very beginning? And did it even have a choice in general? If to consider that at stake were not only charges against Russia, which needed to be brought not unfoundedly. At stake were the reputations and careers of the leading politicians of Europe, including a key figure at that time and current Chancellor Merkel.

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It is known that after the tragedy over Donbass the EU made a decision to join the harsh American sanctions (America, as was stated by the State Department, knew everything from the very beginning). And any other decision of the “international investigators” would turn not just into a scandal: it is specific persons who would have to be responsible for the huge damage dealt to relations with Russia, to the economies of the countries of Europe, and to safety in the region. This would’ve smelt not of resignations, but of criminal cases. “Boeing-gate” would literally blow up Europe.

And one more circumstance that shouldn’t be overlooked. It is precisely the events of last time – the more and more foggy affair with Skripal and the scandalous “chemical attacks” in Syria – that show that we are dealing with those who, firstly, are ready to not reckon with the victims if it is necessary to urgently receive charges in someone’s address, and, secondly, have brought provocations to the level of State policy, using overwhelming informational superiority. I.e., today they have the key right to dominate the interpretation of these or those events.

But with these same things they give the answer to the most important question that the investigators all over the world begin their search with: “Cui bono”. So who benefits from publishing the “sensational” investigation of the “international investigation team” with one of the obvious suspects in its structure and with a outcome predicted by the US State Department at the very beginning?

And someone, perhaps, knew this even before the downing of the “Boeing” – the notorious “website of independent investigations” Bellingcat, whose “data” (i.e. numerous pictures and videos from social networks) the investigation in many respects leans on, was created on July 15th, 2014, two days prior to the tragedy in the skies of Ukraine. Maybe it is already time to start a real investigation into everything that happened in 2013-2014 in Ukraine, over Ukraine, and around Ukraine?

The “Buk” Disinformation Campaign Began in Ukraine Already Before the MH-17 Tragedy

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