Konstantin Syomin: The Shot in Ankara Will Inevitably Cause More Bleeding

Translated by Nikita Che




Everyone has already said everything about the assassination in Ankara. Some of these versions will turn out to be true. No, terrorists won’t be able to make Moscow and Ankara quarrel again. Even the malicious The New York Times wrote: “If anything, the attack may cement their partnership.” Perhaps.

But what one should understand. The 50% pro-Erdogan majority consists of several large parts. There are Islamists who lay their religious renaissance hopes on AKP (Adalet ve Kalkınma Partisi), and the Right from the Grey Wolves who support Erdogan, but also criticize him for his spinelessness in protecting Turkey’s interests among them. Roughly, it is an alliance between two imperialist groups – of those who see Turkey as a leader of all the Sunni world (Ottoman Porta 2.0) and those who see Turkey as a leader of all the Turkic World (Great Turan).

The failed summer coup and the new Constitution allow the head of the state to crush all remaining opponents. First and foremost, I mean all the remaining Left opposition, as well as a few pro-Western liberals who loath to fall into a new political reality.

In December, the authorities arrested the world famous music group Yurum without any hesitation. All-round assaults on offices of the only ‘dissentient’ party HDP, like German footage from the 1930’s more than anything else, indicate that the process has gained its own momentum and is not going to stop by itself. This cart rushes Erdogan along. But will he be able to steer it?

Let’s look at the developments in Turkey through the eyes of Turkish nationalists or Turkish Islamists. They both would see the developments (in light of the Aleppo liberation) as a betrayal of the interests of both Muslims and Turks living in Syria. It should be mentioned that Alparslan Çelik fired at a Russian pilot not on behalf of Al-Qaeda, but as a commander of Grey Wolves volunteer units that are acting in Syria.

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Syria has so long been a Turkish province. According to Turkish nationalists, the greatest historical catastrophe is not the collapse of the Russian Empire or the USSR, but the collapse of the Osman Empire. So they think that the Turk World must be restored by any means.

According to Arab MSM outlets, large armed groups of nationalists, including some units of the FSA, participate in combat in Syria. These groups were formed with assistance of the Turkish Army and Intelligence. As a rule, they were named after the Turkish Sultans – Mehmet the Conquer, Yavus Selim, Abdullhamid Han, Sultan Mehmet…

In other words, in parallel with the civil war in Turkish Kurdistan, Turkey makes war for something like New Turkey, for areas which would be annexed to the Turk World, if great nations had fulfilled the division of Syria.

People were gathering contributions for that war, humanitarian convoys and deliveries of weaponry are dispatched there, volunteers from large cities moved there.

And now, when Aleppo has come back under governmental control, both Islamists and nationalists regard it as an insult, as a betrayal. Yet the girl Bana, who was made by Western media outlets as the ‘voice of besieged Aleppo’, was evacuated by nobody else but a Turkish humanitarian entity, and into Turkey. So all these fierce meetings in front of the Russian Embassy which happened recently are not events of marginal persons but a mass howl of Erdogan’s streets. Last week, the same strapping young men who had drown putschists out of tanks and had lynched them on camera, were chanting anti-Russian slogans. Among them could one fanatic assassin be found? In Turkey and in the world, are there powers who would place a gun in his hand?

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Generally speaking, there is a classic contradiction. Firstly, Erdogan really needs an equal partnership with Russia. Secondly, he must say something to his supporters should they accuse him of inaction and betrayal. Thirdly, the most hot heads among them could begin to act in advance. Fourthly, the USA and NATO chiefs don’t like Ankara to wag its tail.

So whenever they can they are ready to replace Erdogan for other hooligan. Who and how it would be done doesn’t matter – either military, or leftists with revolutionary ideas, or fanatic Islamists, or right radicals.

So whoever was behind the terrorist act in Ankara, the tragedy only accelerates Turkey’s global movement (as well as other world movements) towards increasing incapable contradictions. It’s absolutely impossible to stop it by phone calls, hand shakings, negotiations, and intergovernmental agreements.

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