Korchinsky Demanded a Social Catastrophe in Crimea & Donbass: The “Occupied Territory” Should Become Uninhabitable

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



Galicia is also interested in the topic of reintegration of Donbass. The Lvov TV channel ZIK invited for a conversation about the fates of the regions the authoritative patriot, leader of “Bratstvo” and the punitive battalion “Saint Maria” Dmitry Korchinsky.

Korchinsky notified that the peaceful reintegration of Donbass is a nonsense, it if can be, then only militarily, and never politically or diplomatically. These territories can only be won back, he categorically stated.

At the same time, to win them back together with Crimea is possible already now – making all efforts for the creation there of a social catastrophe and uninhabitable land. The disloyal population has to be squeezed out from these territories into Russia.

“Of course, when we speak about a blockade, we set for ourselves military-political tasks. We need to achieve a social catastrophe in the occupied territories. The occupied territories must be uninhabitable.

All residents of Ukraine in non-occupied territories must know that if there will be an occupation, it will mean that life will end…

Of course, we need territories. The considerable part of these people, who are definitively poisoned by propaganda, these people who dirtied themselves by crimes against our fighters and civilians aren’t needed in principle.

It is certainly better for them to leave Crimea and Donbass for Russia, and thanks to this it will only be easier for us,” stated Korchinsky.

In the video Korchinsky’s speech starts at approximately 40 min:


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