Korchinsky Proposed to Rename Shukhevych Avenue Into Homosexual Avenue

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



The Ukrainian nationalist Dmitry Korchinsky, who earlier headed UNA-UNSO, stated that Vatutin Avenue in Kiev, which the other day was renamed into Shukhevych Avenue, should have been called Homosexual.

He stated this on the air of “Radio Vesti” on the “Postfactum” program.

“Our radio listeners proposed a very politically correct solution — to rename it Rainbow. It is possible to go more boldly, we know that the rainbow is a symbol of homosexuals, so it is possible to call it Homosexual Avenue. Europe will fall in love with us and, in principle, all will be treated with understanding,” stated Korchinsky.

He later added that in the conditions of war, all renamings must carry a propagandistic character. “It is necessary to inspire the nation for victories and to remind whose children and sons we are. We should use renamings precisely for this purpose, to raise the names that glorified Ukraine. This is Shukhevych and others …” said Korchinsky.

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