Kornilov: Fillon’s Statement About Crimea Illustrates the Failure of Russophobic Propaganda

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



The statement of the French presidential candidate François Fillon on the historical right of the Russian Federation to Crimea testifies to the fact that many voters in Western Europe understand the need for cooperation with Russia.

This was stated by the political scientist Vladimir Kornilov in comment to “2000”.

“This testifies to the fact that the ‘pro-Russian’ subject is popular among voters of Old Europe. Pay attention – practically all populists of the West during campaigning talk about the Russian Crimea, the need to remove or weaken the anti-Russian sanctions, and about the importance of a union with Russia in the fight against terrorism. And who are the populists? They are those who follow the opinion of the ‘populus’, i.e., of the people. Another thing is when some new ‘pro-Russian’ populist comes to power, he quickly forgets about his calls to be on friendly terms with the Russian Federation (the striking example of this is Britain’s Boris Johnson). But the fact that these topics are used during electoral campaigns demonstrates that impetuous anti-Russian and even Russophobic propaganda in the West doesn’t work. To be more precise, it causes the directly inverse reaction in considerable layers of the population”.

At the same time Vladimir Kornilov considers that Fillon’s statement shouldn’t be considered in the context of his electoral campaign.

“The result of the election will be much more affected by the shooting on the Champs Elysée than by the latest statement of Fillon on a subject that he spoke about more than once”.

Also the expert considers that the statement isn’t connected with the decision of the Hague Court.

“I can assure you that during the electoral debates nobody mentioned either the Hague Court or the Minsk process in France. The preliminary judgments of the UN in general remained unaddressed by the western press — as you understand, the decision turned out to be not very convenient for a vast discussion. Even the Dutch newspapers haven’t reacted to it, not to mention the French”.

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