Krasnogorovka Mayor: Antipathy to Ukraine Is Due To “Retardation”, the Genepool “Must Be Removed”

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


The mayor of the town Krasnogorovka in the part of the Donetsk region under the control of Kiev, Oleg Livanchuk, said in an interview to that most of the locals support the DPR militia.

“Here there are also pro-Ukrainian people. But in all of the town I, maybe, know only 50 people who are for Ukraine. From a 10,000 population,” he said. According to the official, only “about 10 people” with Ukrainian flags come for municipal holidays, such as Day of Embroidery.

Livanchuk explained the antipathies to Ukraine by a “big percent of the retarded population”. “You can’t change genes. A lot of things come from genes. Here you have a gene pool. It must be removed, it must be mixed,” stated the mayor.

Livanchuk is convinced that the authorities must “re-educate” locals and to “make them love Ukraine by force”. In particular, he said that he forces teachers to speak only in Ukrainian, though he himself speaks in Russian.

Those who speak Russian or express their discontent with Ukraine, it is necessary to write an explanation. According to Livanchuk, he ordered a head teacher who complained about the shelling conducted by the Ukrainian soldiers to write an “essay” about how she “doesn’t like Zakharchenko”. “And then she completed the punishment: she was walking for two weeks with a flag. Everybody was at events — while she was walking with a flag,” added the city’s mayor.

Earlier, similar statements were made by the head of the Ukrainian Ministry of Culture Evgeny Nishchuk. He declared that residents of Zaporizhia and Donbass have no “genetics”, because at the time of the USSR these regions were “being populated artificially”.

The Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova, commenting on Nishchuk’s words, stated that the government of Ukraine regards Donbass as “another ‘cultural and genetic’ category of people”. Zakharova also noted that the West will not see any offense in this statement.

“They pay so much attention to human rights. And they pay so little when it comes to politically troublesome regions,” emphasized the diplomat.

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