Krutaya Balka & Donetsk-Severny Under Heavy UAF Shelling

Translated by Ollie Richardson


War correspondents of the DPR Army press service Mikhail Andronik and Dan Levi in the evening on June 5th twice came under UAF fire.

At about 20:00 the journalists visited the settlement Krutaya Balka, where positions of the Armed Forces of the Republic were under dense fire from automatic grenade launchers.

And less than an hour and a half later they visited the settlement of Donetsk-Severny, where the UAF shelled using 120-mm mortars, including with the use of incendiary ammunition.

“Yesterday in the DPR 7 civilians were wounded, most of them from Krutaya Balka, where in broad daylight the UAF covered the main street with 120-mm shells, there is also a victim in Staromikhailovka, and one is wounded in Donetsk.

• Isaev Aleksandr Vladimirovich, 1957 D.O.B, a shell-shrapnel wound to the upper third of the right forearm;

• Chumak Nikolay Ivanovich, 18.12.1952 D.O.B, shell-explosive wound in the stomach;

• Vogrovsky A.V., 28.07.1946 D.O.B, shell-explosive wound: non-penetrating shrapnel wound in the soft tissues of the thorax;

• Sidyakin S.V., 26.08.1972 D.O.B – shell-explosive wound;

• Grishin V.V., 26.02.1975 D.O.B – shell-explosive wound;

• Kostenko Aleksandr Aleksandrovich, 11.03.1962 D.O.B, a shrapnel wound in the top third of the left shin with damage to the periosteum;

• Chernyavsky A.M., 1991 D.O.B – a tangential wound of the femur, out-patient treatment.”

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