Krutaya Balka: UAF Shelled a House That Had Just Been Repaired After Kiev’s Previous Attack

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


A war correspondent of News Front visited an elderly woman from Krutaya Balka, the houses of which are strongly damaged by shelling and were restored at the expense of the collected funds of kind and sympathetic people. Despite difficulties, work continues, but UAF shelling again threatens human lives and destroys the recently-restored walls.

“It must be this one that arrived here,” commented the man, who pulls out shell fragments from under the mound of debris. Specialists speak about materials that are still needed, because the money transferred from Yasinovataya was spent on the slate, and the rest will be used as roofing material. “The grandmother doesn’t want to leave at all, because she got used to her land and possessions,” said relatives, answering the question about the reasons for the elderly countrywoman staying on the frontline.

“It flew here on August 6th. It’s like this that we live. If I was in the room, I wouldn’t be here anymore. Everything, both new and old things, were demolished by the Ukrainian fighters,” said the old woman.

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