Kurt Volker Tries Stand-Up Comedy: Banderists Are “a Small Minority Who Don’t Influence Ukrainian Politics”

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



The Ukrainian authorities must condemn the ultra-right political movements in the country. This was stated by the US State Department’s Special Representative for Ukraine Kurt Volker in an interview to the “OstWest” TV channel.

“As for ultra-right groups and the far-right ideology – it does exist in Ukraine, and it is very important that leaders of the political mainstream reject it,” stressed the special representative.

Volker noted that now it is important for Ukraine to have a strong national consciousness, patriotism, and an active society.

“But extreme views, fascism, racism shouldn’t exist. It seems to me that it is important to resist these manifestations. Fortunately, this is only a small minority that doesn’t influence the State’s policies or influence the direction of Ukraine’s development. So it is not something I am concerned about. But it is important that the leaders of Ukraine condemn it too,” stressed Volker.

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