Kusturica Congratulated Vladimir Putin on May 9th

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



The famous Serbian director Emir Kusturica never hid his predilection for Russian people, and sharply criticized the leaders of his country because of military rapprochement between Belgrade and the West. He also couldn’t disregard the great holiday of the Victory.

“If it wasn’t for the bravery and determination of the Russian people, half of which gave their lives in World War II, what the world would look like now and who would lead it is a big question,” stressed Kusturica in a letter to Vladimir Putin.

He is sure that revising the results of bloody battles, which the West insists on such much, is a bad political game, the purpose of which is, although in a fleeting way, to rub themselves against the feat of the great people.

“It becomes ridiculous for me when, especially in the US, they stammer about their role in this war. If 20 million Russians hadn’t perished beforehand, who actually destroyed the enemy, the disembarkation in Normandy wouldn’t have happened at all. It wouldn’t make any sense. And it would be simply scary for them,” says the director.

Kusturica is sure that Russia continues its fight to save the world also now.

“Neo-colonialism and fascism appear today here and there. They have different form and supporters, but the essence remains the same. And only Russia, like before, despite everything, remains faithful to the right cause. To the cause of the defense of peace,” notes the director.

At the end of Kusturica’s letter it states with confidence that Moscow will definitely not allow the results of war to be revised, and that Serbia will help her with it.

“I congratulate you, Mr President, you are the leader of the people, thanks to which at the largest level all of us are free. Russia now is a great power in the fight against the revision of history. I am sure that Russian people, as well as other fraternal peoples, simply won’t allow it,” said the director, finishing his message.

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