Lack of Objectivity as a Dangerous Media Illness

Translated by Nikita Che


Maria Zakharova

Trump’s victory appears to be an unexpected victory for the Kremlin, The New York Times writes. And that’s one of a million similar articles that have been published over the last day.

The Western media, kings of the mainstream, are not able to confess even now that they turned out to be poor experts. Exactly poor. They can’t confess that their promoted analytics was bluffing. The cause of the failure is a lack of objectivity. Over decades, they suggested and asserted the “Ugly Russia” mantra as a cause of all the afflictions. By doing it, they have rambled to the degree where they have started to believe everything they say. Sure, under such circumstances, the US Presidential voting result proves to be “unexpected” for them and their audience.


And there was amazingly little honesty in their practice to publish and show only their own experts, followed by the experts reading and watching only these media’s news. It turned into a global info carousel.

Over the last years, the Western media thoroughly “learned” everything about Russia, from Chechnya to the Olympic games. They devoted to the Kremlin thousands of leading articles, they thought up in Sochi toilets, “Russian hackers” and thousands Russian tanks in Ukraine. Sometimes the truth was distorted out of all recognition, or their own fantasy, or well sold fakes. Anyway, that illusory world became cozy, snug and comfortable for them. So Kerry was utterly right while he was admitting at the UN Security Council two months ago to being in a parallel reality. Yes, it is so. And this parallel reality was created by the Western establishment and the media.

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The insight was painful, I saw American reporters pallid faces, being interviewed by them.

A bumpy landing is not a disaster yet. But it’s time to start to pay attention to one’s own people. That’s not gloating. Quite the opposite, it is hope. Only objectivity can serve as a preventive measure for any world-wide shock.

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