The Last Few Breaths of Liberalism in France

By Ollie Richardson

So it arrived. Predictably. The externally-funded “Justice for Theo” pseudo-movement has now made the transition to stage 2, but in order to discuss this transition it is important to first briefly discuss the background of the first stage (anti-police protests).

The timing of the alleged “rape” of a black (yes, skin colour must be mentioned in this instance) young adult by the police is suspicious to say the least. Yes of course, it is mathematically possible that such an incident can occur just before an election, but in the context of post-modernism and fourth generation warfare, such coincidences don’t happen. The incident may well be genuine, and the police may have overstepped the mark, but what followed afterwards is not the natural reaction of the populous of a sovereign nation state. However, since we are talking about a France that has been socially engineered by the “post-September 11th”/“world without borders” phase of the liberal ideology, trapped in a CIA proxy-structure called the “EU”, irrational reactions became the new rational.

Such a reaction can be explained as follows. The political paradigm that dominated the globe after World War 2 was based on 2 poles – a “left” that sought to defend “worker’s rights”, and a “right” that claimed to protect traditional values and norms. Of course, this paradigm was inherently doomed to fail, because in reality neither pole fulfilled its manifesto. The “left” actually reduced the use-value of the working man and woman’s labour, and the “right” demolished “traditional” norms and values. In other words, the CIA, via Operation Gladio, managed to hijack the political systems of Europe and overwrite them with a pre-prepared anti-Russian package. Now both the “left” and “right” are barrels of the same gun – aimed at GDP to ensure that the IMF has the continent by the balls, and that the current “pimps up, hoes down” system of governance has the continent by the neck.

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Socially speaking, the new “left” and “right” ensure that the people are divided into biological categories (gender, sexual orientation, skin colour etc…) – Divide et impera! In general, it’s simple – the more the sheep squabble amongst themselves, the less suspicious they will be when it’s time to face the knife. As long as the people don’t realise that their labour is being exploited every single second of every single day, then “globalism” will come out on top.

This reconfigured paradigm was working “wonders” – Libya was destroyed, Iraq was under the boot of Uncle Sam, and Syria was moments away from capitulation. The European tax payer was too busy crying “racist”, “anti-semite”, “patriarchy” etc to realise that their trousers had well and truly been pulled down.

Every cent of GDP was being used to either pay back the IMF or to aid al-Qaeda in the Levant. People were living to work, and not working to live. However, steps towards change were made on September 30th 2015, when Russia (by entering Syria) decided it was the right time to push back the liberal ideology.

So, coming back to France in 2017, after watching the Soros-paid crowds smash up American malls and inanimate objects (the result of an inner-self conflict stemming from possessing no culture), the current events in France can be attributed to the same source – the last dying breath of the “post September 11th” era of the Liberal ideology. Attempts were made to occupy the minds of the French with the fictitious Islamic boogeyman, but after Russia and friends liberated East Aleppo and revealed the Free Syrian Army for what it is – a conduit for al-Qaeda/ISIS, the spell is starting to wear off. Also, the Islamic boogeyman only helps Marine Le Pen’s election chances, so its use has expired.

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Thus a subtle shift was made – skin colour became the prevailing source of discontent in society, instead of “terrorism”. This leads to the second stage of the “Justice for Theo” circus, which reared its ugly head in Nantes on 25.02.17.

The protests seen in the video above show both an anti-police and an anti-Le Pen narrative – coupled together. Putting the embarrassing liberals’ use of the label “fascist” (a total fallacy since the West was always in bed with the very people they call “fascist”: Hitler, Mussolini, Franco etc.) to one side, the protest in Nantes serves as confirmation of what was suspected all along – the “Justice for Theo” movement is a weapon designed to hurt Le Pen (in combination with legal scandals of a Fillion nature).

What is seen in the video (stage 2) is the result of a planned transition from a “f**k the Police” movement to a “f**k Le Pen” movement. Logically speaking, forming a connection between the Police (the state) and Le Pen seems to be an outrageously-unrealistic goal, since the Police are currently subordinated to Francois Hollande. But the very fact that the protest in Nantes tried to form a tie between the Police (the state) and Le Pen, whether consciously or subconsciously, only serves as additional confirmation that Marine has already won the election (since in their minds she represents the state). Of course, French TV (BFM in particular) will try to make the viewer believe that it’s a tight race between her and Macron, and that “refugees welcome” Macron is edging it, but every time there is disorder on the french streets – especially when it is caused by a ethnically-mixed youth  – Le Pen increases her lead in the race.

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In short – the transition from a subordinated-to-the-CIA Europe to a sovereign and multipolar Europe is currently being fought in the hearts and minds of every European citizen. And when it comes down to actually satisfying workers’ rights instead of diminishing them, and defending traditional norms and values instead of destroying them, the realisation that people like Marine Le Pen are in fact a friend and not the enemy is a question of “when”, and not “if”. What is stage 3? Full mobilisation (using the energy created from Stage 1 & 2) against Le Pen, just like what happened in the US elections against Trump.


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