Lavrov: NATO’s Plan to Absorb Ukraine Failed

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


NATO, after its plans in Ukraine failed, try with difficulty to establish dialogue with Russia, said the Foreign Minister of Russia Sergey Lavrov in an exclusive interview to the MIR TV channel.

“NATO officials are offended because their project of the full absorption of Ukraine into its zone of influence and the inclusion of Ukraine in the North Atlantic alliance, and the inclusion of Crimea in the plans for the military encirclement of the Russian Federation failed. And because of this offense on this objective historic fact they have frozen everything that united us, including in the fight against terrorism. Now with huge difficulty, overcoming the resistance of this same aggressive minority, which is in the European Union too, they try to resume dialogue with us,” he said.

According to Lavrov, Moscow is ready for interaction with NATO, however “it will speak only on the basis of equality and the mutual respect of interests”.

Also the Foreign Minister commented on the relations between NATO and the CSTO. Lavrov noted that the North Atlantic alliance reluctantly makes contact with the Collective Security Treaty Organization and tries to belittle its role.

“The CSTO development strategy does not mention that any country or state or organization is our adversary. In contrast, NATO members regard Russia as an enemy or even a threat and attempt to downplay the status and the importance of CSTO activities. They make contact very shyly, unwillingly. It is felt that allegedly it is as if it is embarrassing to recognize that the CSTO is the same international organization that is recognized in the UN, and is the observer in the General Assembly that is recognized also in the OSCE and regularly participates in OSCE meetings. But I think that it is such arrogance that is peculiar to NATO officials, it doesn’t help affairs,” concluded the diplomat.

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