Lawyer of the “Heavenly Hundred” Killed on Maidan Now Blames the Ukrainian Junta

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


On the fourth anniversary of Maidan the investigation into the murders of participants of the protests is actually blocked, because those who came to power as a result of Maidan have an arrangement with the murderers.

This was stated by the lawyer of the families of the “Heavenly Hundred” Vitaly Titich in conversation with the correspondent of the TV channel 112 Ukraine.

“Much has already been said about it, there is a lawsuit in Svyatoshinsky court. The process is ongoing. This is actually the only process in Ukraine concerning crimes against participants of peaceful protest actions brought to court that is carried out properly. Concerning other cases we can speak about the continual sabotage of these investigations, as Gorbatyuk said very tolerantly yesterday. He feels that the leaders of the State aren’t interested in this investigation, it isn’t a priority. I would say that moreover – we throughout this entire period of time monitored the attempts to interfere in the normal investigation,” said the lawyer.

According to him, procedural attempts to block the work of the investigation came to an end on November 20th.

“I wouldn’t want to delve into conspirology. Everyone can understand it in their own way, as they see it. It is obvious to me that there are certain arrangements between the so-called new authorities and those who committed these crimes. It is implemented at different levels – from blocking the work of the investigation to creating certain preferences. This is obvious even not to a lawyer, but to a person who monitors things,” claims the lawyer.

He also stated that lawyers collected proof that “will be submitted to the court in a renewed Ukraine”.

“In fact, there haven’t been any changes. Actually it’s the same people who were here earlier. To expect from them, as in that joke, that they, as a result of an investigation, will arrive at themselves [as the suspects – ed] … well, you know, it would be strange. The only thing that surprises me is that this ended so quickly, that society didn’t have enough desire to strangle a little more. I thought that we would hold out. But on the fourth anniversary we have the actual destruction of the investigation and the blocking of establishing procedures,” said Titich.

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