Lawyer: Oles Buzina’s Family Does Not Count on the Trial Being Objective

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


The family and defence of the Ukrainian journalist and writer killed in Kiev Oles Buzina don’t count on the objectivity of the judicial process, stated the representative of the mother of the deceased journalist, the lawyer Renat Kuzmin on Wednesday.

Earlier, the prosecutor’s office of Kiev sent the criminal case concerning the defendants in the murder of the journalist Oles Buzina for the consideration of the Shevchenkovsky district court of Kiev. The preliminary hearing on this case was planned for February 9th.

Statement of the complainant in the case of the murder of Oles Buzina:

On February 9th, 2018, in the Shevchenkovsky court of Kiev the process stars, which has been sought for so long by the aggrieved party. The preparatory hearing on the case of the murder of Oles Buzina will begin at 11.00.

We have no illusions about the cleanliness of the Prosecutor-General of Ukraine’s (PGU) actions in the upcoming judicial process over the alleged killers of the journalist. And here is why.

1. From the first day of the investigation the PGU did everything so that this murder remained unsolved. The majority of obvious narratives, including about the participation of employees of the Ukrainian special services and militarised radical formations in the murder, were ignored by the investigation.

2. The PGU refused to attach materials of the operational and investigative activities to the case, indicating that the suspects in the murder were under the tacit control of the Interior Ministry, their phones were tapped, and equipment to survey them was installed.

3. During the collection of evidence, the Prosecutor-General wilfully committed gross violations of procedural law, which makes it considerably difficult to adopt a conviction.

4. According to the instructions of the Prosecutor-General Lutsenko, the complainant Valentina Buzina was systematically deprived of rights provided by the law, including the illegal discharge of her lawyer from participation in the process.

5. Important documents were stolen from the case materials, including the reports of witness interrogations, which pointed to the murder being committed not by the suspects, but by other persons. The case initiated by the Prosecutor’s office on this matter is intentionally not being investigated.

6. The President and all heads of the law enforcement bodies of Ukraine groundlessly refused to personally receive the complainant and didn’t listen to her aggrievances.

7. In order to conceal violations of laws, the PGU illegally sent the case back to Odessa for its further termination there.

8. To date, the organisers and orderers of the murder haven’t been established, despite the fact that the case against them is allocated to separate proceedings.

I won’t list all violations of the rights and legitimate interests of the complainant that served as the basis for our appeal for defence in the ECHR, I will only say that we will closely watch the legality and justice of the consideration by the Shevchenkovsky court of Kiev of the case on the murder of Oles Buzina.

We will not impede the Prosecutor’s office from proving the guilt of the defendants, but we will carefully examine the evidence presented by the Prosecutor’s office and will fundamentally react to any violations of the rights of the complainent.

We call on everyone to refrain from putting any pressure on judges and jurors, as well as any unlawful influence over witnesses. Only an impartial verdict of the court will be accepted by both society and the complainant.

At the same time, we reserve the right to demand the resignation and punishment of the Prosecutor-General and his subordinates if the court establishes the falsification of proof by the prosecution or the artificial creation of conditions for the release of the murderers. We also undertake the obligation to inform the Ukrainian and international community about the progress and results of the proceedings in front the Ukrainian Court of Justice,” wrote Kuzmin on his Facebook page.

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