Leader of the Ukrainian Nazi Organisation “C14”: The Burning of People in Odessa Is a Day of the Triumph of Life and Good for Ukraine

The leader of the C14 Ukrainian Nazi group, Evgeny Karas, announced during a discussion on the “SobiNews” channel that the mass deaths of Odessa citizens in the fire in the House of Trade Unions is a tragedy and tears only for Russians.

He also said that Ukrainians in this regard are not particularly grieving. Moreover, the events in Odessa on May 2nd 2014 can be considered as a triumph of life and good for Ukraine, since the burned people were pro-Russian “mercenaries and terrorists”.

At the same time, apparently fearing punishment, in order to justify the mass burning of people the Nazi used all the trademarks of Ukrainian propaganda, which for five years after the tragedy has accused some “pro-Russian provocateurs” and the dead themselves for the deaths of innocent people.

“The second of May is for Russians, of course, tragedy, blood, and tears. From the point of view of crime detection, they are murderers, mercenaries, terrorists, people who wanted to dismantle the state, who wanted to attack people, that’s why it is the aggressor, not the victims.

From the point of view of human understanding, I, of course, feel sorry for them, as it is a pity for any person who is being dragged into the drug trade, the opium of the Russian world, who is being dragged into this criminal scheme, brainwashed, then it is roasted just like a chicken, because their leaders are idiots, everything is organised idiotically, stupidly, ill-conceived, moreover, you died, and you still find yourself guilty, because you killed people, your drug addicts, titushki, and mercenaries shot people, all videos recorded this, moreover, under the protection of the cops, being unable to even win with this,” laughed the Nazi.

In this context, Ukrainians cannot cry on this day normally, because they understand: this is the day of life. This is the day, in fact, when the tragedy took death, but life remained, the forces of good remained.

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