Leader of OUN: In the Near Future We Will Begin Shooting “Internal Occupiers”

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



Banderist organizations don’t hide their indignation about the beating of the sworn brothers, which happened in Ukraine on May 9th during celebrations devoted to the Great Victory, the mass of which happened in Kiev and Dnepropetrovsk. Among patriots the hellish mixture of boiling rage and thirst for revenge ripens.

The ringleader of the Organization of the Ukrainian Nationalists (OUN) Nikolay Kokhanovsky stated that shootouts await “internal occupiers” [Russians – ed] in the near future.

He stated this in an interview to the ukraina.ru edition.

The police beat his sworn brothers because they announced the holding of the action Death Regiment, and that they announced it because of the fact that the “Moscow provocation” must be punished, said Kokhanovsky.

“Unfortunately, yesterday, on May 9th, only people, and not the police, one by one was punishing all these vatniks. While the police and ‘Berkut’ (this unit hasn’t existed in Ukraine since 2014 – note) punished us – Ukrainian nationalists.

But it will not continue like that constantly. I think that soon everything will change.

We will again remind all of them what Ukrainian Maidan is,” reassured Kokhanovsky.

Explaining how he and his sworn brothers will “remind” law enforcement structures about this, Kokhanovsky stated that they will use the experience gained on the well-known “Maidan” – they will burn them with Molotov cocktails, but much harsher.

“And you don’t remember how it was on Maidan? This time we will do the same. Only harsher. It is only a matter of time,” stated Kokhanovsky.

“And maybe it will be more harsh. The majority of us, Ukrainian nationalists, already did some fighting,” Kokhanovsky repeatedly confirmed what was said so that nobody thought that he made a reservation.

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Shootouts are also not excluded, he said while answering the specifying question. And of course concerning “internal occupiers”.

“Well, we will see. The internal occupiers, of course, must be shot with guns. All of this Novinsky, Vilkul, Dobkin, Kernes. And this, certainly, will happen. This is our future. And it’s not far away,” stated the leader of OUN.

As a reminder, the day before the police blocked the office of OUN in Kiev, between Banderists and police there were skirmishes, one police officer was injured from a smoke grenade thrown by nationalists. As a result, 24 sworn brothers of Kokhanovsky were detained.

In Dnepropetrovsk the police were forced to refer for medical aid 20 “heroes of the anti-terrorist operation”, who attacked the procession of the “Immortal Regiment”. 11 of them received serious injuries, including, craniocereberal injuries.

Earlier on May 10th, the former leader of “Right Sector“, the deputy of the Verkhovna Rada Dmitry Yarosh, commenting on the Dnepropetrovsk events, demanded from the authorities the full elimination of the organizers of the celebrations on May 9th and “separatist cops”, otherwise his sworn brothers will be ready to use guns.

“The elimination of the anti-state bandit group ‘Opposition Bloc’, arrests of ‘titushki’, and the most important thing, the organizers of a the victorious evil Kremlin sabbath in Dnieper, who sit in the offices of Opposition Bloc and DTEK is the only thing that can stop human anger. And also to not forget about the separatist cops in Ukrainian police uniforms.

If the authorities and law enforcement authorities will again, in the conditions of war, tolerate the anti-state activity of Vilkul and those similar to them — the street will speak, and possibly also the guns will too.

Don’t play with Ukrainians! One already did it and now he is gone [Yanukovych – ed]. The people of Dnieper – don’t allow kolorad-vatnik revenge! Dnieper was, is, and will be Ukrainian!” stated Yarosh on his blog.

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