The Leader of Radicals From Azov Threatened to Occupy Buildings of Regional Councils All Across Ukraine

Translated by Ollie Richardson


The head of the far-right party “National Corpus” and the former commander of the “Azov” regiment Andrey Biletsky declared to representatives of nationalist formations the determination to storm the building of regional councils across all Ukraine, and then to also reach the Presidential Administration.

According to Biletsky, the radicals intend to demand from regional councils amnesty for the participants of military operations in Donbass, which provides for the removal of criminal cases opened against them, reports “Russian Dialogue”.

The politician stated that nationalists intend to assert their rights and are ready to carry out forced occupations of buildings of the Regional State Administration in if needed. In the event that their demands aren’t fulfilled by local authorities, nationalists are ready to storm the presidential administration.

He noted that cells of “National Corpus” and the not indifferent participants of military operation on Donbass in all regions are ready to support his initiative, having hoped that the authorities will meet the demands of radicals.

As was earlier reported by “Russian Dialogue”, on Tuesday, May 30th, several dozens of radicals in camouflage and balaclavas disrupted a meeting of the regional council in Lvov.

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